Solar type roof window

Solar type roof window

  • Electrically operated via the ZRH12 remote control, equipped with a solar panel and a magnetic sensor as standard aimed at detecting the opening of the window. The remote control must be purchased separately.
  • Working in the wireless Z-Wave protocol.
  • Integrated window control mechanism (actuator and power supply unit) is situated under an aesthetic cover fitted in the lower part of the frame.
  • Actuator with a reach of 24 cm used to open and close the sash.
  • Built-in ZRD rain sensor automatically initiates the sash closing function when the first rain drops appear. The reed sensor used in the window monitors its status in cooperation with the alarm system.
  • Manufactured in pine and vacuum impregnated. Coated with ecological acrylic varnish. The cover in silver colour.
  • Turning the handle through 90° results in disconnecting the actuator from the sash in case of power failure or when the external pane requires cleaning.
  • Hinge in the middle of the window enables the sash to be rotated and left open.
  • The sash can be rotated through 180° and locked allowing safe and easy cleaning of the outer pane.
  • Increased operational safety and burglary resistance – system topSafe.
  • thermoPro technology – the solutions introduced ensure improved quality and parameters of roof windows, thus increasing their energy-efficiency performance, providing greater durability, ensuring excellent tightness and facilitating the installation process.
  • Quadruple sealing system. Glazing seal provides additional tightness in extreme weather conditions and reduces micro vibrations of the cladding profiles during heavy rain.
  • Equipped with the V40P air inlet which by automatic adjustment of the flow channel size provides an optimum amount of air into the room and ensures a healthy micro-climate in the attic and thermal energy savings.
  • Wide range of additional accessories.
  • Suitable for pitches from 15° - 90°.
  • Wide range of flashings to ensure installation of the window in virtually all types of roof coverings.
  • Can be installed in combinations.
  • Toughened external glass with lifetime hail resistance warranty.
  • 10-year warranty for windows, 20-year warranty for glazing units and hardware elements, 2-year warranty for electric control elements and 15-year warranty for panes and hinges in pivot windows if extended warranty is purchased.

Solar type roof window


Solar type roof windowManufactured in thermoPro technology

System topSafeManufactured in topSafe system







  • FTP-V Solar

    • Glazing unit U5U5 triple-glazed unit filled with inert gas - krypton, Uw = 0.97 W/m² K when fitted with a standard flashing
    • Highest quality pine woodtop quality pine wood, glued in layers, vacuum impregnated
    • Wood painted twice with ecological acrylic lacquercoated with two layers of ecological acrylic varnish in natural colour
    • The superTrio product. The Thermo flashing and awning blind are included in the set – 3 cladding colours to choose from with no extra charge.
    FTP-V Solar U5
    • LUX window class 0,97 W/m²K window U-value 0,5 W/m²K glazing U-value 33 dB acoustic insulation Rw 4HT-10-4H-10-4HT glazing unit krypton inert gas filled panes + external glass toughened automatic V40P air inlet type up to 49m³/h air inlet air flow two layers varnishing four seals

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