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Customer support

Customer supportTo place an order or for a price inquiry, please contact our customer support team.

Email: sales@fakrogb.com

Telephone: 01283 554755

All orders are processed in accordance with the applicable general terms & conditions of purchase. 

You can also place orders for non-standard products. When looking at non-standard solutions, we are able to provide accurate estimating and costing details prior to the customer accepting the offer. The order processing time for non-standard orders is calculated from the date of receipt of order.

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond delivery. Below are details of the warranties that apply to FAKRO products.

For assistance with any issues that may occur with your FAKRO product, contact a member of the Service Team - call 01283 554755.


Customer support


Customer support Roof windows have a ten year guarantee
Customer support Roof exits have a five year guarantee
Customer support Loft ladders - three year guarantee
Customer support

Toughened glass is guaranteed against hail damage indefinitely



Guarantee certificates are issued on request



Roof windows

Every window has an identification label, which is located in the top right corner of the sash. The identification label enables easy product identification and has details of product type, dimensions and production code.


Customer support



a- Window type

b-Window dimensions

c- Production code