FAKRO Estimating Service

Need to know the cost of roof windows for a building project?

The FAKRO estimating service can help you. We can provide fast, accurate, detailed material estimates that show the true cost of specifying roof windows to a building project. 

Want to discuss your requirements first? Call us on 01283 554755 and one of our technical team will be more than happy to help.

  • Fast turnaround (48 hours).
  • Accurate and detailed estimate for entire project.
  • Expected costs for all materials.
  • Bill of materials ready to order.
  • Available for all building or DIY projects: a simple extension, a renovation or a large barn conversion.
  • Use your estimate to compare with other quotes you may have.

What to do now

Send us your drawings today for your detailed estimate. Please include details of the type of roof covering such as tiles, slates etc.

See below the technical specification and details of what we need from you to provide you with an estimate.

  1. Send us your drawings.
  2. We prepare a detailed estimate listing materials and costs. Download an example of our project estimate here. (pdf format).
  3. We send your estimate for a building project within 48 hours.

Providing your information to us

We can accept your drawings either on paper, AutoCAD drawings files (dwg or dxf) or Adobe pdf files.

The drawings should be to a recognised metric scale i.e. 1:50 or 1:100. If you or your architect only have hard copy paper drawings, that's no problem.

Paper Drawings

Post a copy of paper drawings to:

Technical Department,
Fakro GB LTD,
Fakro House,
Astron Business Park,
Hearthcote Road,
DE11 9DW

Digital Drawings

E-mail AutoCAD and pdf files to: technical@fakrogb.com