Venetian blinds AJP, AJP Z-Wave

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Venetian blinds AJP, AJP Z-Wave

Light in your hands...

The Venetian AJP blind is a popular roof window accessory which can control the amount of light entering the room. Through changing the angle of the slats we can control the direction of sunlight and create a unique atmosphere.

The Venetian blind protects from overheating and constitutes a decorative element. Side aluminium rails enable a complete shading of the room and also make it possible to rotate the sash with the blind pulled down.


  • The ability to control the direction and the amount of light entering through by changing the angle of the slats
  • Element of decoration in the attic
  • The facility to partially cover the window
  • Partial reduction of excess heat in a room
  • Possibility to lock the blind in any position
  • Protection from UV rays
    Providing privacy, without significantly reducing natural light



  • AJP blind operated manually. For operating Venetian blind installed out of reach the universal ZST control rod is available
  • AJP Venetian blind AJP-E controlled by switch or remote control, powered by 24V DC
  • Electric drive of AJP- E Venetian blind enables only changing the angle of the slats
  • Operating AJP-E in standard version is possible only with the window closed



Group I

AJP140 AJP 167

Group II

AJP141 AJP143 AJP144 AJP145 AJP146 AJP147 AJP148 AJP149 AJP151 AJP152 AJP153 AJP154 AJP155 AJP156 AJP157 AJP158 AJP159 AJP160 AJP161 AJP164 AJP165 AJP168