Roller blind ARP, ARP Z-Wave

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Roller blind ARP, ARP Z-Wave

Decorate your interior...

The ARP roller blind provides protection against sunlight by pleasantly shading the interior during sunny days. When pulled down, it will also eliminate any dazzling sunlight.

The wide range of colours and patterns of the blind fabrics enhance the interior’s aesthetics and allows you to match the decor of any room. Side aluminium guides cover the edge of the fabric and additionally limit the amount of the incoming sunlight.



  • gradual reduction of the incoming sunlight
  • wide range of colours to satisfy individual needs
  • partial protection against heat from the sun
  • possibility to lock the blind in any position
  • protection against UV radiation
  • provides complete privacy by covering the window



  • ARP manually controlled. The ZST rod enables operation of ARP installed high up in the roof
  • ARP-E controlled by switch or remote control, powered by 24V DC

 * Operating ARP-E in standard version is possible only with the window closed. 



With so many options and colours available, choosing the right blind for your home can be a difficult endeavour. Fortunately, we have blind swatch folders over on our merchant partner website to help aid you in selecting your blind. 

You can find these here.Roller blind ARF, ARF Z-Wave


*Does not include the venetian range.

Group I

ARP001 ARP007 ARP002 ARP216

Group II

ARP240 ARP241 ARP015 ARP011 ARP242 ARP218 ARP203 ARP008 ARP243 ARP244 ARP219 ARP009 ARP245 ARP266 ARP246 ARP247 ARP101 ARP248 ARP222 ARP249 ARP204 ARP250 ARP012 ARP004 ARP014 ARP223 ARP215 ARP254 ARP220 ARP267 ARP003 ARP217 ARP252 ARP253 ARP221 ARP013 ARP016 ARP268 ARP269 ARP270 ARP271 ARP272 ARP274 ARP273 ARP215 ARP224 ARP278 ARP279 ARP280 ARP281 ARP282