Loft Ladders: DIY or Pro Installation – Which is Best for You?

When it comes to installing loft ladders, there are both advantages and disadvantages to DIY (Do It Yourself) and a professional installation. 


A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right FAKRO Loft Ladder

Choosing the right FAKRO loft ladder is an important decision for homeowners and professionals alike. FAKRO offers a wide range of loft ladder options to suit different needs and preferences.

Why Do You Need A Loft Ladder?

As the holiday season approaches, many of us eagerly anticipate decking our homes with festive lights, ornaments, and all things merry and bright. However, for those who store their Christmas decorations in the loft, the process can be anything but jolly.

PassivHaus Design: An Interview with Stewart MacKenzie, FAKRO GB Specification Manager on Sustainable Building

PassivHaus, often spelled "Passive House" in English-speaking countries, is a rigorous and highly energy-efficient building standard that originated in Germany. It's designed to create buildings with exceptional comfort and indoor air quality while significantly reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Obscure Glazing: Privacy, Aesthetics, and More

When it comes to designing our living spaces, privacy, aesthetics, and functionality are key considerations. One element that can effectively address all these factors is obscure glazing, also known as frosted or privacy glass.

Unlocking Energy Efficiency: Exploring PassivHaus and More

In a world where environmental sustainability is rapidly changing, the construction industry is undergoing a transformation. One of the leading innovations in sustainable architecture is the PassivHaus...

The Different Types of Loft Ladders and Their Features

In the realm of home improvement, one often overlooked aspect is the efficient use of loft spaces. FAKRO, a leading name in innovative solutions for loft access, has a diverse range of loft ladders that cater to every need, from simple home use to secure and fire-resistant options. Let's explore each one in more detail.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Flat Roof Windows Introduction

When it comes to improving the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your living or working space, the choice of windows plays a vital role. Among the various window options available, flat roof windows are gaining popularity for their unique design and ability to flood interiors with natural light. If you're considering installing flat roof windows, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the key factors to consider, enabling you to make an informed decision.


The Ultimate Guide To Blinds

Centre pivot, top hung balcony… whatever the type of roof window you need blinds for, we have it covered at FAKRO GB. There are a lot of things to consider when looking for that perfect blind so that’s why we have the ultimate guide to blinds to guide you through the process.


How to choose a loft ladder

If you’re looking for a loft ladder, you may be overwhelmed by the hundreds of different makes and models on the market, but…which is perfect for you? Read more to find out! 

Roof window processing kit – everything you need to know

In order to install a roof window, you will need the kit to go with it. Some people call it a processing kit but many call it a flashing kit or a flashing. Flashings are pieces of aluminium that prevent water from entering your property through the small gaps that would be left between your tiles and the roof window. This ensures the window is completely watertight and reduces the changes of mould or damp.

Electric roof windows – a short guide

If you are planning to install roof windows into your home, then it is definitely worth thinking about electric roof windows, especially if you have some harder to reach places.

Conventional, manual roof windows are great for bringing in natural light into your home, or loft space, however electric roof windows can take your property to another level as they can be fitted in much higher spaces meaning more light entering the home and easy opening.


How to choose roof windows for the bathrooms and kitchens

Are you renovating your bathroom but not sure on the best roof window? Choosing the right roof window for a bathroom is not the easiest thing to do. The appropriate choice will need to provide light for the entire room and prevent moisture from everyday use. Moreover, adequate ventilation is also crucial when choosing the best window for your bathroom; a consistent flow of air is important as this will prevent condensation so that the inhabitants can breathe both freely and easily.

Flat roof window – how to choose the best solution?

Are you looking for a flat roof window but not sure on the best solution? If you want more natural light in your home, then a flat roof window will work for you. Whether you're planning a loft conversion, an extension, or any other building work to your property, knowing which flat roof window you need can be difficult, but FAKRO are here to help.


How do loft ladders work? Let’s check it out!

Loft ladders work in a similar way to your ordinary step ladder or extension ladder – the only difference is rather than manually extending upwards, they use gravity to extend downwards. Loft ladders, otherwise known as loft stairs, are so simple to use and are neatly tucked away so there is no need to drag your step ladders up the stairs in order to access your loft space.

Can pitched roof windows be used on a flat roof?

Pitched roof windows are a clever way to add natural light to a room. While they can be easily installed on a pitched roof, the question is can pitched roof windows be used on a flat roof? In this article, we show that the answer is yes! There are systems that enable the installation of pitched roof windows even on a flat roof.


What are the best windows for a pitched roof?

Building a house is always a huge challenge, especially when it comes to providing enough sunlight and fresh air to the rooms on the top floor or attics. That is why construction companies across the UK deliver a wide range of roof windows. However, with so many different types to choose from, it could quickly become too difficult to pick on our own. Because of this, in this article, we will take a closer look at the different kinds of windows for pitched roof.