Privacy policy

Privacy policy


The information provided in this policy is very important, so please read the content carefully.

FAKRO GB collects information about customers and visitors who interact with us both online and offline. This privacy policy explains how we use any personal information we collect about you when you use our websites or make contact with FAKRO GB in other ways. It also explains why we collect that information and what your data rights are. This policy provides information referred to in Article 13(1) and 13(2) of the Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) of the European Parliament and of the Council of the 27th of April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), referred to as the GDPR that has been applied since the 25th of May 2018.

Who is the Data Controller of your personal information?

The Data Controller, i.e. the entity that decides how your personal data will be used, is FAKRO GB LIMITED of FAKRO House, Astron Business Park, Hearthcote Road, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9DW. Company number 04009932 (hereinafter referred to as “Us” or “We”) You can contact us via:

  • a letter sent to: FAKRO GB, FAKRO House, Astron Business Park, Hearthcote Road, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9DW
  • an email sent to:

What is the purpose and on what basis we use your personal data? We use your personal data obtained during the conclusion of the contract and during its term for the following purposes:

1. Achieving goals based on your consent - (legal basis: Art. 6 section 1 a) GDPR e.g.:

  • using newsletter services,
  • providing information on products and services and about promotions being carried out,
  • events or actions that we organize, e.g. via traditional mail, emails, newsletter, telephone contact, text messages,

2. Preparing, executing and concluding a contract between us and you - (legal basis: Art. 6 section. 1 b) GDPR e.g.:

  • as part of the purchase – sale, including transactions in the online store,
  • handling complaints,
  • granting warranties,
  • pricing products,
  • ensuring correct quality of services,
  • handling requests sent to us (e.g. via a contact form),
  • handling your requests and questions that are directed to us in connection with the implementation,

3. Fulfilling legal obligations– (legal basis: Art. 6 section 1 c) GDPR e.g.:

  • transferring data at the request of the court or police,
  • providing mandatory information to government agencies.

4. Pursuing our legitimate interests – (legal basis: Art. 6 section. 1 f) GDPR e.g.:

  • providing payment services,
  • handling requests and questions that are directed to us in connection with the execution of the contract,
  • recording calls to and from FAKRO GB,
  • maintaining contact information of sales and accounts representatives,
  • holding business details of customers, including sole traders and partnerships,
  • debt collection: carrying out court, arbitration and mediation proceedings,
  • storage of data for archival purposes (fulfilling our obligations provided for in applicable laws),
  • maintaining a ‘Do Not Contact’ List,
  • processing FAKRO GB staff information,
  • monitoring interactions and user behaviour on our websites,
  • detecting and preventing misuses,
  • verifying payment credibility.

How do we collect your information on our websites?

FAKRO GB operates three websites:

FAKRO GB collects information about you when you interact with any of our online services, filling in contact forms, including viewing pages, creating accounts and placing orders. In addition to these, we also collect information through the mediums described below. We do not collect personally identifiable information except through means where we are explicit in our request for, and explanation of the purpose for the collection. Please view our cookie policy or contact us for more information about the cookies we use on our websites. Online Helpdesk

FAKRO GB uses a third-party provider, Intercom, to host the online helpdesk that our staff log into to provide support on our websites. Intercom is owned by Intercom R&D Unlimited Company and is based in Ireland and any information, including personal information, provided through the Intercom platform may be processed in Ireland. Any information processed by Zendesk is secured and not visible to staff outside of FAKRO GB.

For more information regarding Intercom’s privacy policies, please click here.

Orders Made

As part of processing any orders made for products or services from FAKRO GB, we may send your details to, and use information from fraud prevention agencies. We also may send your details to courier and transit companies in order to make any deliveries including but not necessarily limited to Derby Express Couriers. FAKRO GB will keep information about orders made online, including the name and address of the customer until all processes (including warranty and legal obligations) that require this information have been fulfilled.

E-Newsletter FAKRO GB uses a third-party provider, MailChimp, to deliver any e-newsletters we send. MailChimp is a subsidiary of The Rocket Science Group, and based in the U.S. Information, including personal information such as names and email addresses, that we hold in our mailing list may be processed within the U.S. Any information processed by MailChimp is secured and not visible to staff outside of FAKRO GB. The Rocket Science Group participates in and is certified as compliant with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and is thus compliant with EU data protection regulations. For more information regarding MailChimp’s privacy policies, please click here.

Sign-Up forms As part of our digital marketing strategy FAKRO GB may ask to collect data on a voluntary basis for online newsletters or notifications. These forms are designed to add your information into a newsletter database held by MailChimp as detailed above. This is a purely voluntary service offered by FAKRO GB.

What information do we collect when you call us?

When you call FAKRO GB, we may collect Calling Line Identification (CLI) information. We use this information to help assess the efficiency and effectiveness of our call centre and improve our services.

In addition, all calls to and from FAKRO GB are recorded for appropriate monitoring of calls and to ensure that information given over the phone can be reviewed if necessary. FAKRO GB does have unrecorded lines which are used if sensitive information, such as credit card details, need to be obtained. Call recordings are secured, password protected and are only accessibly be restricted staff on a ‘need to know’ basis. FAKRO GB will delete all calls after 12 months unless we have overriding legitimate interests in keeping specific calls for a longer period of time.

How do we handle complaints?

When we receive a complaint from a person, we create a file containing the details of the complaint. This file normally consists of the identity of the complainant, the details of the complaint and of any other individuals involved in the complaint.

We will only use the information provided to us to process the complaint and check against our records for further information relating to the complaint, including but not limited to call recordings, email correspondence and previous complaints.

We will usually have to disclose a complainant’s identity in order to properly investigate an issue. If a complainant wishes to remain anonymous, we will respect their wishes, however we may not be able to properly handle a complaint made in this way.

If you would like to lodge a complaint, please contact

How do we use personal information for marketing?

FAKRO GB requests for marketing consent from our customers when accounts are created either on, through our Account Creation form, by subscribing to our mailing list directly on our website or by contacting us directly at We will only send information regarding offers, competitions, and information about products and services of ours that we think may be of interest to you if you have given us consent to do so. If you have consented to receive marketing, you may opt out at any time and have your email address added to our ‘Do Not Contact’ list.

We have a legitimate interest in ensuring that we do not contact customers who have advised us not to. Our ‘Do Not Contact’ list will only contain email addresses that we have been advised not to contact with no further identifying information. We will keep this list indefinitely and entries on this list will only be removed when the customer makes contact with Fakro GB and we no longer have a legitimate interest in keeping their information on that list. If you wish to be added to our ‘Do Not Contact’ list, please email

As part of our social media activities, we may use images, videos, and/or details of our customers on social media websites including to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. This may include both content that has been sent through to us by yourself as well as content that we produce. If you have consented to us using this content for social media purposes, you may opt out at any time by contacting us at

These social media platforms have their own privacy policies and may involve your data being processed internationally. We advise that you view the privacy policies of each site to ensure that you are happy with your information being shared with them: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Do you need to provide personal data to us?

All personal data provided to FAKRO GB is completely voluntary, however we may be unable to enter into or complete contracts if you choose not to provide us with sufficient information. Providing personal information for direct marketing purposes is not a prerequisite for any contract and will never be a condition for the conclusion or execution of any contract with FAKRO GB.

Who may have access to parts of your personal information?

FAKRO GB may share information with other parties, including FAKRO GB staff, any sub-processors we may utilise as well as state authorities and debt collection agencies.

  1. Our employees have access to personal information that is necessary for them to provide services to you.
  2. FAKRO GB utilises several sub-processors in our management of personal data. Some of these sub-processors may use sub-processors of their own. A sub-processor is a third-party data processor engaged by FAKRO GB who has, or potentially will have access to process data we hold (which may include personal data). FAKRO GB evaluates the security, privacy and confidentiality practices of all sub-processors and ensures that any sub-processors engaged meet the requirements of the GDPR. FAKRO GB ensures that any sub-processors that require personal information to cross borders outside of the EEA, are secure and are either a part of the US/EU Privacy Shield Framework or have other means by which they have been approved to process EU data. These sub-processors include organisations that assist in our marketing campaigns, managing our ICT systems, data storage, auditing process, delivery process and payment processors.
  3. FAKRO GB may provide personal information to state authorities or debt collection agencies if required to.

Will your data go outside the European Economic Area (EEA)?

Some of the sub-processors that FAKRO GB utilise may process your information outside of the EEA, however they have been approved to do so either through the US/EU Privacy Shield Framework or another means that has been approved by the EU.

A full list of our sub-processors, where they hold your information and their grounds for processing that information outside of the EEA if necessary, can be obtained on request from FAKRO GB.

How do we protect your data?

Fakro GB maintains strict security policies in order to protect your personal information. We ensure that digital personal information we hold is encrypted and password-protected, and any physical copies held are secured in locked rooms and locked cupboards. We also ensure that we verify your identity prior to releasing or editing any information we hold on you.

How long will we store your data?

If we use your data on the basis of your consent, we use this personal data until you revoke your consent. If we use data obtained as part of developing, executing or completing a contract with you, we will retain that information until we have completed all processes that require your information (including warranties and legal obligations) have been completed, at which point, your information will be deleted. If you have parts that have lifetime warranties, your information will be deleted ten years after your last interaction with FAKRO GB. This deletion schedule will have no impact on your ability to make warranty claims. Details of quotes will be retained for thirty days unless otherwise specified.

In connection with legal requirements, your personal data will be stored for periods specified in the law, e.g. tax regulations. We will store your personal data for as long as we may suffer the legal consequences of the failure to fulfil the obligation, e.g. receiving a financial penalty from the state authorities.

What is the automatic decision making?

We may use your anonymous details to create profiles of our customers to improve our website and company processes. However, no major decision-making processes are performed automatically. All major decisions are performed by staff at FAKRO GB.

What are your rights to your information?

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have several rights to how we process your information. These include:

Your right to access

You have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you, free of charge at any time. FAKRO GB is duty bound to respond to all requests within 30 days of authenticating your identity. In exceptional circumstances, such as in requests for large amounts of data, we may require an additional 60 days to complete this process. If we believe that we will need this extra time, we will inform you as early as possible, and explain our reasons for requiring this extra time.

Your right to rectification

You have the right to request for any information we hold on you to be updated. We want to ensure that our information on you is accurate and up to date. You may ask us to correct or remove any information that you think is inaccurate at any time.

Your right to erasure

You have the right to request that FAKRO GB deletes all personal information that you have previously consented for us to hold. We will assess each case we receive and determine whether there are overriding legitimate reasons for us to retain certain pieces of information. FAKRO GB will inform you of any information we retain and the legitimate reasons for our decision to do so.

Your right to restriction of processing

You have the right to obtain a restriction of processing your information. You may invoke this right when you contest the accuracy of our information or when we no longer have any bases for processing your information, but you oppose us deleting the information we hold. When invoked, we will cease all activity concerning your information and hold it until you give us further instructions.

Your right to portability

You have the right to obtain a record of the personal data we hold on you in a commonly used format and have it transferred to another controller. FAKRO GB will supply you with a copy of the information we hold on you that can be easily taken to another company. The process for this shall be similar to that specified above in Your right to access.

Your right to object to processing

You have the right to object to FAKRO GB processing your information in the way you specify. This can include profiling, online tracking, behavioural advertising and direct marketing. FAKRO GB will consider all requests invoked and will respond with our decision to your request, and any legitimate reasons we have for continuing to process your information in this way.

Your right to refuse automated decision making

You have the right to refuse significant decisions made solely by automated means. FAKRO GB however does not use automated decision making to make significant decisions about our customers.

Your right to compensation and complain

You have the right to claim compensation for damages that have been caused by the infringement of the GDPR by FAKRO GB or any processors that we use. You also have the right to raise any and all complaints regarding our use of your information to the Information Commissioner’s Office for further investigation at

Invoking your rights

If you would like to invoke any of your rights, please contact us at or write to us at the following address at any time: FAKRO GB LIMITED at FAKRO House, Astron Business Park, Hearthcote Road, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9DW Once we have authenticated your identity, we will begin working on your request. We will make contact with you after receiving your request either: o via registered letter to the postal address that you provided, or o via electronic means to the email address that you provided unless otherwise specified.

FAKRO GB will take every reasonable step to contact all sub-processors that may have access to your information and inform them of any requests you make regarding your information. On your request, we will provide you with the details of the sub-processors we have contacted as well as the sub-processors we were unable to contact, and why we weren’t able to contact them.

Other websites Our website contains links to other websites. This privacy policy only applies to,, and so if you link to another website, you should read their own privacy policies as they may be significantly different to this one.

Changes to our privacy policy

We keep our privacy policy under regular review and we will place any updates on this webpage. This privacy policy was last updated on the 25th of May, 2018. Please check back here regularly for updates to our privacy policy.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy or information we hold about you: At or write to us at the following address: FAKRO GB LIMITED at FAKRO House, Astron Business Park, Hearthcote Road, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9DW

Conditions of Sale

Please click here to download our Conditions of Sale at FAKRO GB.