Świetlik rurowy z giętką rurą światłonośną SLT

SRD Domed light tunnel with a rigid tube

SRD-_ with a rigid light transmitting.
SRD-_/L with a rigid light transmitting tube and attic illumination function.
It ensures easier use of the room located directly under the light tunnel installation site.

The new design of the light tunnel is characterised by:

  • design of the ceiling element allowing for installation and operation of the SLO light kit from the room side
  • integrated flashing for faster installation process

The SRD light tunnel consists of a dome, three elements of light transmitting tube (SRM 61 cm), two SRK elbows*, ceiling frame, prismatic diffuser and installation kit. The total length of all light transmitting tube components in a straight line is 2.1 m (SRD 550 - 1.8 m). 

* For the SRD_ 550 light tunnel, the SRK elbow available only as an option

SRD Domed light tunnel with a rigid tube


  • Rigid light transmitting tube – Made of aluminium, covered with a highly reflective silver-based layer having a light reflectance value of over 98% (reflectance of a new mirror is between 90- 95%). Very little light transmission loss makes it possible to use SRD light tunnels up to 12 metres long. There is no need to shorten the light transmitting tube components during assembly as its structure resembles the one of a telescope. It is simply enough to insert one element deeper into another to get the right length.  
  • Elbow – It changes the angle of the light transmitting tube in the range of 0-45°. For SRD and SRD-_/L 550 models available as an option.
  • Roofing element – It consists of a vacuum impregnated wooden frame combined with an aluminium flashing made of 0.6 mm thick sheet metal in RAL 7022 and a UV-resistant dome made of 3 mm thick polycarbonate.    
  • Ceiling element – It consists of a plastic ceiling frame, white cover and an acrylic diffuser. The new design allows for installation and operation of the SLO light kit from the room side. 

Light tunnel with rigid light transmitting tube SRD

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