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LWT Loft Ladder

Supertermoizolacyjne schody strychowe LWT

The highly energy-efficient loft ladder LWT is recommended for energy-efficient construction which places great emphasis on the reduction of heat loss. This product is ideal for installation in areas where large temperature differences occur between the habitable loft rooms and non-habitable attic space.

The special 80mm thick hatch is filled with polystyrene insulating material creating a perfect barrier against heat loss. Three seals fitted in the box guarantee a draught free fit.

For convenience of use the new design of the hatch hinges control the movement of the ladder so that it moves away from the hatch during opening. Its low weight and innovatory “click” method of attaching the hatch makes it possible for one person to install the ladder. Please observe safe working practises at all times.


Schody strychowe LWT Schody strychowe LWT


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