Okna do dachów płaskich

Flat roof windows type C and type F

Okno do dachów płaskichThe benefits of natural illumination of the building are unquestionable but it happens that in buildings with flat roofs it is not always possible to install standard vertical windows.

Flat Roof Windows illuminate the interior of buildings with natural light; allow airing of the room and provide excellent thermal insulation properties.

The window can be specified with the highly energy efficient glazing unit U6 (Ug = 0.5 W/m2K) or U8 (Ug = 0.3 W/m2K), which enhances the energy performance of the whole building. As standard, the window is equipped with a safety glazing unit with internal anti-burglary P2A glass.

All flat roof windows are available in electrical, manual and non-opening versions and are compatible with the heat protection awning blind and Fakro internal accessories



Okno typu FThe type F flat roof window features a sleek modern look, characterised by excellent thermal insulation parameters. The structure of the frame is the same as for flat roof windows with a dome however the main difference lies in the glazing unit which is bonded using modern manufacturing technologies to produce a highly aesthetic and innovative design.




Okno typu CThe type C flat roof window is equipped with a double glazed unit with laminated internal glass which is anti-burglary P2A class as standard. Should the pane crack, shards of glass do not pose a danger but remain on the laminate film. The P2 glazing unit has an innovative and patent-pending dome installation system which increases its anti-burglary resistance. The dome is made of durable polycarbonate. It is characterised by high resistance to impacts and adverse weather conditions such as rain or hail. Special coatings on the outer and inner surface of the dome protect it against UV radiation.



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