FSP Smoke Ventilation Window - FAKRO

Smoke Ventilation Window FSR P1


This window is a gravitational smoke ventilation system and isFSP Smoke Ventilation Window - FAKRO
used to help expel the excess of smoke and heat during a fire. Additionally, the system enables daily ventilation and allows light into the room.

The FSR is equipped with an electric motor, which opens the window sash when one of the following occurs:

  • When smoke is detected in the atmosphere
  • When the glass alarm is shattered.

Once either of these actions occur, an electric signal from the control unit opens the sash. 

This smoke ventilation window has been manufactured and certified according to harmonised standard EN 12101-2:2003.

The FSR is usually installed in stairways.


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Max Free Ventilation Area (EN 12101-2) [m²] External Windows Dimensions
0,29 78cm x 78cm (23)
0,38 78cm x 98cm (05)
0,47 78cm x 118cm (06)
0,58 78cm x 140cm (07)
0,35 94cm x 78cm (24)
0,46 94cm x 98cm (15)
0,58 94cm x 118cm (08)
0,70 94cm x 140cm (09)
0,80 94cm x 160cm (80)
0,44 114cm x 78cm (25)
0,57 114cm x 98cm (20)
0,71 114cm x 118cm (10)
0,86 114cm x 140cm (11)
0,52 134cm x 78cm (26)
0,68 134cm x 98cm (12)
0,84 134cm x 118cm (18)

134cm x 140cm (17)



FSP Smoke Ventilation Window - FAKRO

  • Suitable for roofs with pitches between 15° and 90°.
  • FSC® Certified.
  • BBA Approved (02/3944).
  • Manufactured according to EN 12101-2:2003.
  • Made of high quality, vacuum impregnated pine which is guaranteed to be knot free. It is finished with natural lacquer.
  • Comes with all electrical components required: 1x chain actuator, 1x control unit with break glass, emergency power back up and ventilation switch, 1x smoke sensor and 1x break glass alarm.
  • “topSafe” security means there is a reinforced hinge on the window. The FSR held together with a steel slat to the lower part of the sash to achieve at least class III safety as per EN13049.
  • Glass construction from outside to inside = 4H-ST14Ar-33.2T3 - the outer pane is a 4mm toughened glass, 14mm steel spacer filled with inert argon gas.
  • The 6.8mm internal pane is an anti-burglary class of laminate 33.2 (class P2A, EN 356,1(B)1 wg EN 12600), complete with a low emission coating.





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