Installation accessories

Internal Linings XLW-F, XLW-P

Internal Linings XLW-F, XLW-P


  • Enables quick and accurate internal finishing for FAKRO windows
  • Guarantees proper air circulation over the surface of the glass
  • Enhances good light access into the room
  • Enhances proper window insulation within the roof
  • Easy to keep clean


Roof Window Internal Lining

FAKRO installation accessories guarantee the best combination of windows with the roof structure. The use of the insulated air-permeable underfelt collar and air tight flashing forms a complete set protecting the installed window from the elements. The correct application of accessories will deliver long-term, safe installation of FAKRO roof windows. Our installation accessories reduce the risk of thermal bridges and ensure efficient drainage of moisture from the area around the roof window. The correct and fast finish of roof windows from the inside is enabled by usoing original internal FAKRO linings. The correctly fitted lining elements (the lower perpendicular the upper parallel to the floor) is an important factor because it provides adequate room lighting and air circulation inside the window recess. To connect the windows in the vertical combination, a Duet slat is used which fits perfectly with wooden elements of our roof windows.