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Kołnierz uszczelniający ESV DUO, EZV-A DUOThe new FAKRO DUO flashing is a special solution for connecting two horizontally positioned roof windows with the use of XR_ supporting rafter. The E_V 18 DUO flashing allows installation of windows at a minimum distance of 18mm in horizontal combination with use of XR_18 supporting rafter. In case the roller shutters are installed, the application of E_V 40 DUO flashing is advised where the distance of 40mm between the windows is maintained. The windows are connected from the inside with the use of supporting rafter XR_40.

The DUO flashing at the top and bottom, has one common element connecting
two windows - the elements form a single integral part. DUO flashings are available for both for flat ESV DUO as well as for profiled roofing materials EZV-A DUO.
In our product range there is also available the XR_100 supporting rafter which
enables the installation of windows at a distance of 100mm. In such connections,
the standard modular system which consist of e.g. KSV-1 and KSV-3 or KZV-P-1
and KZV-P-3 are used. They are selected based on the roofing material type.

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Constituents of the Flashing

The flashing consists of four basic elements (a single, lower element joining two windows, two side and one top single element for both windows). The lower part of the flashing completed with a flexible apron has a plastic mass glued to the underside thus allowing the flashing to adhere to the roof covering for a neat fit.
The EZV DUO flashing is factory equipped with sponge seals providing protection against wind blown dust, leaves, rain and snow. The flashing is also equipped with a weep flap to allow condensation to be drained away from the initial roofing layer and window.



Schemat kołnierza uszczelniającego ESV DUO, EZV-A DUO

Horizontal and vertical cross-section
of EZV-A DUO flashing elements

1 — top part of the flashing
2 — bottom part of the flashing with flexible apron
3 — side parts of the flashing with sponge seals
4 — gutter
5 — profile connecting windows
6 — profile supporting a tile


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