Power supply units

Power supply unit

Power supply unit for low voltage electrical accessories

Except for ZWS230 motors, electrical accessories fitted to FAKRO roof windows require 15V DC power supply.

FAKRO offers two power supply units:

  • ZZ60 – ventilated for installation on DIN T35 rail in distribution box
  • ZZ60h – hermetic for installation outside distribution box.

A single ZZ60 or ZZ60h power supply unit is intended for a maximum of three FAKRO electric accessories. More accessories require a suitable number of power supply units.


 ZZ60  ZZ60h
 ZZ60  ZZ60h


Technical parameters: ZZ60 ZZ60h
power rating 60W 60W
supply voltage 100 - 240V AC 100 - 240V AC
output voltage 15V DC+-10% 15V DC
working temperature 0°C to +50°C 0°C to +50°C

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