A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Flat Roof Windows Introduction

When it comes to improving the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your living or working space, the choice of windows plays a vital role. Among the various window options available, flat roof windows are gaining popularity for their unique design and ability to flood interiors with natural light. If you're considering installing flat roof windows, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the key factors to consider, enabling you to make an informed decision.

A few factors you should consider when choosing the right FAKRO flat roof window for you is:

  • Purpose and Functionality
  • Glazing Options
  • Opening Mechanism
  • Design and Aesthetics

Our FAKRO Flat Roof Window Options:


Type F Flat Roof Window – Sleek & Modern

  • DXF – Non-Opening window. 
  • DMF - Manual control.
  • DEF – Electrically controlled (Solar version available).

The Type F Flat Roof Window is designed to bring a sleek and modern touch to your living or working space. This window type is available in both triple and quadruple glazing, ensuring excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction.

An upgraded version of our Type G flat roof windows, you can be sure that this window not only looks the part but acts it too! Whether you're seeking simplicity, versatility, or automated functionality, FAKRO's Type F Flat Roof Window is the one for you.

Solar Powered Window


Our Best Seller The Type G Flat Roof Window

  • DXG – Non-Opening window.
  • DMG – Manual control.
  • DEG – Electrically controlled (Solar version available).

Introducing our best seller, the budget friendly yet highly efficient Type G Flat Roof Window. Combining function and style, this window is a true game changer. Only available in a double-glazing option. Designed to seamlessly integrate into various roof configurations, the Flat Roof Window fits with a pitch range of 2 to 15 degrees.

Its simple design enhances the aesthetics of any space, creating a visually appealing environment. At FAKRO, we are committed to sustainability and eco-friendly solutions. That's why we are proud to offer the type G window as a solar-powered option for our Flat Roof Windows.


Type Z Flat Roof Window

The Type Z Roof Window by FAKRO is an exceptional choice that combines functionality and aesthetics. With a pitch range of 0 to 15 degrees, the Type Z Roof Window accommodates for completely flat roofs. What sets the Type Z Roof Window apart is its unique design with sloped glass which allows for efficient drainage of water and that it comes fitted with an awning blind, as standard!

The type Z Roof Window has two design options. The A design has a rounded finish whereas the B design has a straight finish. The options available are as followed:

  • DEZ-A – Electrically controlled.
  • DMZ-A – Manual control.
  • DXZ-A – Non-opening window.
  • DEZ-B – Electrically controlled.
  • DMZ-B - Manual control.
  • DXZ-B – Non-opening window.

DXW Walk On Flat Roof Window

This window is specifically designed to provide a durable and secure solution for spaces that require foot traffic such as a rooftop terrace. The Walk on Roof Window features triple glazing for exceptional thermal insulation and noise reduction. One of the key features of the Walk on Roof Window is its enhanced load capacity, allowing it to withstand the weight and pressure associated with people walking.

By installing the Walk on Roof Window, you can create a safe, yet luxurious feel to your outside area. Whether it's for commercial or residential applications, the DXW model provides a reliable solution that combines functionality and high-quality construction.

Walk On Window


Type C Domed Flat Roof Window

Introducing the Type C Roof Window, a versatile and domed option designed to enhance your room. The Type C Roof Window is available in both double and quadruple glazing, ensuring excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing capabilities. This window type is suitable for roofs with a pitch range of 0 to 15 degrees, accommodating various roof configurations with ease. FAKRO offers three distinct variants of the Type C Roof Window to suit different preferences and requirements:

  • The DXC model is a non-opening window option, ideal for situations where ventilation is not a priority.
  • The DMC is manually operated
  • DEC model offers electric operation, enabling easy adjustment at the touch of a button.

Smoke Vents

  • DSF – Flat Roof Window
  • DSC – Flat Roof Window with a polycarbonate dome

Our Smoke Vents are a range of specialised roof windows designed to ensure effective smoke evacuation in the event of a fire. FAKRO AOVs are available with both triple and double glazing and with a pitch range of 0 to 15 degrees, they can be installed on various roof configurations.

The Smoke Vents are designed to remove smoke swiftly and automatically from the building, improving visibility and aiding the safe evacuation of occupants. Prioritise safety with FAKRO's Smoke Vents and provide a secure environment for occupants during fire incidents.


Flat Roof Access Window

FAKRO's Access Window range is designed to provide convenient, safe access to your roof space while allowing in an abundance of natural light. These windows are available in both double and triple-glazing options, ensuring excellent thermal insulation and energy efficiency. With the ability to open to 80 degrees, the Access Windows offer ample space for easy entry and exit, making roof access hassle-free.

To enhance the safety, they come equipped with anti-slip covers, ensuring a secure footing during use. The inclusion of gas springs ensures stability, keeping the window in place when opened.

Within the Access Window range, FAKRO offers different models to suit various preferences and roof configurations. The main differences are as follows:

  • DRF – Flat Window suitable for roof pitches between 2-15 degrees
  • DRG – Flat Window suitable for roof pitches between 2-15 degrees
  • DRC – Domed Window Flat suitable for roof pitches between 0-15 degrees. The window can be transparent (DRC-C) or opaque (DEC-M).

DRL Flat Roof Access Door

A reliable and convenient solution for accessing your flat roof safely. The DRL Access Door is specifically designed to be a physical door in your roof, offering easy and safe entry. The door is built with attention to detail, featuring robust hinges and locks for added security and safety. The installation base is designed to be used in conjunction with flat roof windows so you can make a feature point out of your access door. You can also pair this with one of our loft ladders to ensure you can get up to your roof easily.

Trust in FAKRO's quality craftsmanship to enhance your roof accessibility and streamline your maintenance activities.

Choosing the perfect flat roof windows requires careful consideration of various factors. By taking these aspects into account, you can make an informed decision that maximizes natural light, enhances energy efficiency, and elevates the overall ambiance of your space. Get in touch with us directly to find out more about a specific window type.