What are the best windows for a pitched roof?

Building a house is always a huge challenge, especially when it comes to providing enough sunlight and fresh air to the rooms on the top floor or attics. That is why construction companies across the UK deliver a wide range of roof windows, which are intended for supplying a good amount of daylight. However, with so many different types to choose from, it could quickly become too difficult to pick on our own. Because of this, in this article, we will take a closer look at the different kinds of windows for pitched roof and answer the urgent question: which of them is truly the best.

Types of windows

Since there are so many variations, for the sake of this article, we are going to focus on the windows specially designed for pitched roofs of private houses owned by the modern family. It is worth mentioning that pitched roof windows aren't the only ones available at FAKRO, we provide: flat roof windows, electric control roof windows or roof access windows - all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

We will discuss our different variations of pitched roof windows in the following order: centre pivot windows, balcony windows, top windows, L-shaped combination windows and non-standard windows. We will also demonstrate how diverse each one of them are for a better understanding.

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Centre Pivot Roof Windows

These are part of our core range and, by far, the most popular choice of roof windows. They basically fit everywhere, into any room anyone could think of - bedrooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms and so on. Made of natural pine, white acrylic, white polyurethane or white PVC finishes, they all have really great solutions for every day use. Their incredible advantage is a very convenient way to open it with the handle at the bottom. Generally, the handle has a two-step micro-opening facility meaning it can be left ajar but still be secure. Not to mention they are so easy to clean with the help of an automatic air inlet and adjustment of the flow channel size providing an optimum amount of air into the room. The installation in roof pitches vary from 15 to 90 degrees, which makes them suitable for any roof.

What are the best windows for a pitched roof?

Centre Pivot Roof Windows - additional functions

Centre pivot roof windows also come with lots of additional functionalities. With many years of experience, FAKRO can produce incredibly useful gadgets and equip them into a regular window for really low prices. For example

  • Z-Wave system

In other words, an electrically operated system which enables the window to remotely open, close and control other accessories via remote control. Usually, it comes with a rain sensor that automatically closes the sash when raining.

  • topSafe system

As a standard, all windows come with a number of unique elements to ensure security. The P2 glazing option comes with an anti-burglary double glazing, which resists burglary with almost one hundred percent effectiveness due to the topSafe system.

  • Energy-efficiency

FAKRO have specially designed roof windows for energy-efficient construction and passive buildings. They have widened frames and quadruple sealing system and are often made of high-quality pine wood.

  • Moisture resistant

PVC windows have been available in the UK market for over 10 years in both centre pivot and top-hung (preSelect). They're the alternative solution for rooms with a higher level of humidity.

Which of these functionalities is worth considering first? Well, it really depends on the application of the window. The choice always depends on personal needs – for example, a Z-wave, electrically operated window may be necessary because the window is out of reach or a PVC window for a bathroom due to high humidity. However, it is worth considering getting all or most of these options because of their usefulness.

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Balcony windows

Balcony windows are more of an innovative way of getting light into your home. They are a large, two-part facility called also the Galeria Window. They work by, the upper sash opening upwards and the lower opening forward, vertically in order to create the balcony bay. Once closed the side rails are hidden and are not visible above the roof surface. It is the perfect solution for a really narrow interiors - it grants you easy access to the extra space and provides a lot of fresh air. It opens up so many opportunities to add quality and depth to a bedroom. However, it isn't so frequently used in bathrooms because of some inconveniences - not everyone wants to have a balcony inside the toilet – for obvious reasons. The window is operated by the handle with two-point locking mechanism and comes with a topSafe system to prevent any burglary.

Top windows

Top windows are really characteristic due to because of their main feature - they're non-opening. It is because they're made of single wooden profile and linked together with flashings to suit the roofing material, also strengthened with toughened external and internal glass. They are mostly for decoration purposes rather than for using, that's why they are often accompanying other roof windows. Original shapes, additional light and interesting decor are definitely the advantages of these.

What are the best windows for a pitched roof?

L-shaped combination windows

Another example are the L-shaped combination roof windows. These specific ones are produced to be installed where the roof meets a vertical wall and are mostly used to extend the window area. This technique helps to get a maximum amount of sunlight internally and to maximise the field of view. They can be opened from the left, right or above. However, they can be only placed in certain places and you need to meet specific criteria to install these – they are very popular with renovated bungalows and homes in the Scottish Highlands as they often have space where the roof meets the vertical wall.

Non-standard windows

In case of the tricky placement, there are other non-standard solutions to increase space and daylight in the home. At FAKRO, you can adjust the parameters of the window to meet your needs and different types of rooms to make sure that everything will look beautiful. Creating custom-made windows may cost slightly more than the standard range but we are willing to take on the challenge to ensure our customers needs are catered to.

The summary - which one is the best?

To sum it up, centre pivot windows are standard and the most popular we have on offer, usually used in private housing due to their versatility. Balcony windows are a little fancier but still offer amazing opportunities and an extra space. If you were looking for a decoration window, the top windows would be the better choice. On the other hand, in case of a really troublesome situations, L-shaped combinations and non-standard windows would be our salvation.

This leads to the main question. Which of them are truly the best of all? To be honest, there is no universal answer. Making the choice of window types to use depends on so many factors, for example the amount of space in the room, the location of the window, the main purpose of it or even the preferences of the customer. The final selection is entirely on the buyer who have to choose the right type himself or with the help of professional company.