Electric roof windows – a short guide

If you are planning to install roof windows into your home, then it is definitely worth thinking about electric roof windows, especially if you have some harder to reach places.

Conventional, manual roof windows are great for bringing in natural light into your home, or loft space, however electric roof windows can take your property to another level as they can be fitted in much higher spaces meaning more light entering the home and easy opening.

What is an electric roof window?

An electric roof window is very similar to a manual roof window, just that it is operated by a remote control. FAKRO electric roof windows are wired up to the mains and include a rain sensor so it will automatically close as soon as it starts to rain. That way there is no need to worry about shutting all the windows quickly so the house doesn’t get wet – we’ve done the hard work for you!

Manual windows vs. electric windows

Manual windows are a cheaper solution however they are not always the most practical. If you have a very high roof or are wanting to get some more natural light over a staircase, then a manual window will be extremely hard, and dangerous, to reach. In those instances, opting for an electric window would be the least time consuming and safest way to ensure maximum light is entering the room.

How do electric roof windows work?

Electric roof windows run off an electrical motor that is wired into the main electricity. The window is then powered by a remote control or you can have a switch plate installed into the wall – this saves you from losing the remote and not being able to open the window! The switch or remote is then used to operate the window which opens via a chain that attaches the window pane to the frame.

As mentioned before, if it starts to rain, the rain sensor will begin to work and close the window automatically. Not only should you consider electric roof windows for hard to reach areas, but also for the top floor of your home to ensure the rain doesn’t come pouring in before you can get up to the top floor to shut the window.

Will I need electric roof window blinds?

If you have chosen electric roof windows because the window is difficult to reach, then it would be beneficial to have electric blinds to suit, for that exact reason. FAKRO do offer extension poles to open blinds but again, this could be difficult or dangerous if the window is extremely high in the roofline.

smartHome Electric Windows

As well as electric rooflights and blinds, FAKRO also offers a way to operate these from your smartphone via the FAKRO smartHome app. The introduction of additional sensors and a control panel means you can operate your windows from anywhere in the world.

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