Loft Ladders for Tiny Homes/Small Spaces

Do you live in a tiny home? Do you have limited living space? Tiny homes and small spaces are more than just living spaces; they're an embodiment of minimalist dreams and eco-conscious aspirations. Here at FAKRO GB, we have loft ladders for every home including yours!

Introducing our compact range of loft ladders:

First up is the LDK Sliding Wooden Ladder. This loft ladder doesn’t need to fold to be stored away so you eliminate the need for the swing space meaning that the maximum floor space you need is between 105cm to 140cm depending on how high your ceiling is. It is important to note here that as the ladder does not fold, therefore reducing the swing space, it does mean you need more space/height in your loft for your ladder to be stored away.

The LDK is made of redwood pine and is a 2 section sliding loft ladder. It is a similar style to our best-selling LWK loft ladder but slides instead of folds. It has a maximum load of 160kg and a u-value of 1.1W/m²K.

Loft Ladders for Tiny Homes/Small Spaces


Next is the FAKRO LST Scissor Loft Ladder. The LST is a part of our scissor range of loft ladders which compresses together to store away instead of folding or sliding. It’s important to note that you still need to allow for a swing space with these ladders.

This loft ladder is equipped with a 3.6cm thick white insulated hatch, as standard! It can be lengthened or shortened by adding or removing threads which makes them great for low ceilings.

Loft Ladders for Tiny Homes/Small Spaces

Another ladder which could be suitable for you is our LSF Fire Resistant Scissor Loft Ladder. This loft ladder is also a part of our scissor range which means it compresses the same as the LST. The LSF is everything the previous LST loft ladder is and more as it has a 60-minute fire rating and acts as a barrier to prevent flames from spreading.

The scissor range of loft ladders also has the smallest hatch size available of just 50cm x 80cm.


Loft Ladders for Tiny Homes/Small Spaces

Finally, our best-selling LWK Komfort loft ladder could work for your small space. This ladder is available in a 4-segment ladder which allows it to have a very small swing space of only 128cm! This can come with a range of hatch sizes.

The LWK is made from redwood pine and has an innovative design for ease of use, high insulation value and comes equipped with a red safety handle.

Loft Ladders for Tiny Homes/Small Spaces

If you are looking for a ladder to fit your small space or tiny home we could have the ladder for you. If you can’t find what you are after just drop us a message on live chat or enquire via email or talk to our sales team on 01283 554755.



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