How to choose a loft ladder

As well as giving easy access to your attic, loft ladders can protect spaces from fire penetration and give greater thermal insulation. In this guide, we’ll discuss all the things you should consider before buying a loft ladder.


  1. Is your space suitable for a loft ladder
  2. The size of your aperture
  3. Loft ladder length – floor-to-ceiling height
  4. The type of ladder you need – highly-insulated, fire-rated
  5. Who’s going to install the ladder​

How to choose a loft ladder


Is your space suitable for a loft ladder?

Firstly, you need to know if your space is suitable for a loft ladder. There are two areas in your home that are impacted by a loft ladder – the loft and the landing.


When it comes to the space in the attic, most loft ladders need very little space as they fit snugly within the hatch, but some ladders, like the FAKRO LDK sliding ladder, need more clearance so it is always worth checking out the ladder dimensions in our loft ladder guide to ensure you have enough room to accommodate.


If space on the landing is tight, then not only do you need to consider the size of the hatch but also the swing space needed for operating the ladder itself. As you can see below, measurement R is the total landing space you need and it protrudes the length of the hatch (measurement B). 

How to choose a loft ladder


Either a 4-section ladder or a ladder from the scissor loft ladder range would be suitable for a really small landing - scissor loft ladders can squeeze into landings as small as 150cm and the LWK 4-section as small as 128cm!


The size of your aperture

You also need to make sure your aperture is the right size for the ladder you’re installing. Most loft ladder hatches come in standard sizes, for example, 60cm x 120cm. The gap between your ceiling joists, where the loft ladder hatch will sit, needs to match whichever ladder you’re buying, or vice versa. If this is not the case, a qualified carpenter or installer will be able to adjust your space if needed.


How to choose a loft ladder


Loft ladder length – floor-to-ceiling height

Your floor-to-ceiling height is another really important measurement to know before buying a loft ladder. This measurement dictates the length of the ladder required. Ladders generally come in two lengths – 280cm and 305cm – and with FAKRO’s wooden range, the ladder section can be trimmed down to fit your ceiling height perfectly. If both those sizes are still too small, not to worry, the FAKRO LMF ladder can stretch up to 358cm ceiling height!


The type of ladder you need

Not all loft ladders are the same, so you need to decide which features are important to you. You can choose an energy-efficient ladder that has better insulation, or a fire-rated ladder giving you 60 minutes of protection from fire. You might want to choose a metal folding loft ladder that has a higher load bearing or even a stylish scissor ladder, which can help save space. If you’re at all unsure, please contact us and our customer support team will happily talk you through the options.


Who’s going to install the ladder

And finally, before you choose your perfect loft ladder, you need to know who is going to install it. If you’re a handy DIYer you’ll have no trouble with FAKRO loft ladders, but if you’re at all unsure it’s best to look for a trusted local carpenter or general builder who’ll be able to help.


How to choose a loft ladder


After reading this guide, you should have a good idea of which ladder would be the most suitable in your home – whether you have limited space on the landing or very high ceilings, FAKRO has a ladder for you.


We have a fantastic array of wooden loft ladders, including our most popular LWK loft ladders, as well as metal and scissor loft ladders. If it’s more daylight you’re looking for, we also have a huge range of roof windows so browse our range today.