How to choose roof windows for bathrooms and kitchens

Are you renovating your bathroom but not sure which roof window to choose? Or are you building a kitchen extension but worried about condensation?

Choosing the right roof window for bathrooms, kitchens or any high-humidity room can be confusing. They will need to flood the room with light whilst, simultaneously, preventing moisture from everyday use of the oven, shower or bath. Fresh air and ventilation are also crucial when choosing the best window for your space; a consistent flow of air is important as this will prevent condensation so you can significantly reduce the risk of damp.

There are 4 things to consider when choosing a roof window for a room with high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms, they are:

  • Ventilation
  • Durability
  • Natural light
  • Aesthetics

How to choose roof windows for bathrooms and kitchens



It can be difficult to guarantee sufficient air quality in humid rooms where moisture can gather, especially in bathrooms. FAKRO’s uPVC roof windows include a unique air ventilation system (V35) located at the top of the window frame which allows the hot, moist air to escape and the room to fill with a fresh supply of clean, fresh air. This means that condensation, moisture and smells can't stick around for long - helping to keep the room steam, damp and odour-free. 

If moisture does occur, fortunately, uPVC roof windows also have specialist condensation channels at the bottom of the window, in addition to the aforementioned V35 air vent. Thanks to this unique drainage system, water that gathers on the window can run down the windows, out of the channels and onto the roof outside. 


How to choose roof windows for bathrooms and kitchens



In order to withstand a lot of moisture and heat, roof windows in a bathroom or kitchen need to be durable and easy to maintain. uPVC windows are very durable and easy to maintain as they don’t require professional cleaning, are wipe-clean and water cannot permeate them. They also won't need painting or glossing after several years of use, unlike other internal finishes. 


Natural light

In order to relax in the evenings and improve sleep, natural light throughout the day is crucial. 

Circadian Rhythm, in simplistic terms, is how our body behaves in a 24-hour cycle and how it responds to light and dark. The retina in the back of our eyes detects light thus sending a signal to our brain telling it the time. Our brain switches chemicals on and off helping our bodies feel tired or hungry at the right times, amongst other things. 

If we mess with these rhythms by living in dark rooms during the day and with artificial light in the evening, our bodies can become confused about what it’s doing. That's why watching TV before bed isn't advised as the artificial light is tricking your body into thinking it's daytime. 

Having natural light through our windows and naturally experiencing sunrise and sunset helps our body to switch our hormones and chemicals on and off correctly.

How to choose roof windows for bathrooms and kitchens


Aesthetics and usability

Your roof windows don’t just need to perform a function; they also need to add to your home's aesthetic. FAKRO uPVC roof windows come in 4 styles that are sleek, functional, and suitable for any interior. 

How to choose roof windows for bathrooms and kitchens

In terms of structure, they’re constructed of fully insulated and reinforced uPVC profiles, meaning they are 99% recyclable. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a window for your bathroom but FAKRO uPVC roof windows are the best option by providing natural light, fresh air, durability, and aesthetics.

FAKRO roof windows will certainly meet the expectations of any project. Contact our team on 01283 554755 for further advice.