Flat roof window – how to choose the best solution?

Are you looking for a flat roof window but not sure on the best solution? If you want more natural light in your home, then a flat roof window will work for you. Whether you're planning a loft conversion, an extension, or any other building work to your property, knowing which flat roof window you need can be difficult, but FAKRO are here to help.

The engineering behind the FAKRO flat roof window range is both detailed in its design and simple in its operation. The windows are designed and manufactured to prioritise functionality while never compromising on aesthetics or ease of installation. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect flat roof window solution for your home – we’re here to help!

Why choose a flat roof window?

Flat roof windows are suitable for roofs with pitches between 0-15 ° and come in a variety of types including lantern roofs, domed roof, and escape windows so there’s an option for all requirements.

FAKRO Flat Roof Window Features & Benefits

Natural Light

One of the main reasons why people want to include a roof window in their home is to increase the amount of natural light. This is an important consideration as natural light will not only make your home look great, but it will also benefit your health. Natural light helps your body to produce Vitamin D and to improve your circadian rhythms and sleep patterns.

Safety and Security

Your safety and security are important to use which is why all FAKRO flat roof windows have a high level of impact resistance which maximises the operational safety of the product.

Flat roof window – how to choose the best solution?

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Unconventional sizes and colour options

Our flat roof windows can be customised and manufactured in non-standard dimensions so that you can find the perfect product for your home. FAKRO can also manufacture windows in any RAL colour both internally and externally.

Now that you know the benefits of a FAKRO flat roof window, take a look at our full range here or you can call our team on 01283 554755 or fill in the form.