CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

We perceive our responsibility above all as a management method that contributes to improving the economy worldwide. The results of responsible management include our actions, decisions and priorities in both business and social circles.  

Our mission involves consistently building a global Polish company and aiming to improve the standard of living of people all around the world. We provide our customers with the highest quality products, create workplaces not only on production lines but also in highly specialised positions (construction, technologist, manager, etc.) and undertake a number of social projects with a view to help regional and national development. We build our responsibility on these pillars.

Catalogue of values

In addition to our corporate mission, we are guided by a set of values that define our attitude towards customers, contractors and employees. These values specify our approach to work, the environment and human relations. FAKRO values include development, innovation, responsibility and credibility. We find these values highly important and promote them amongst our employees. They determine the nature of our responsibility. 

How do we understand values?

  • Development – continuous development makes us have a strong and stable position among the global leaders of the construction industry.
  • Innovation – we are one of the most innovative companies in Poland.
  • Responsibility – we care about our partners, employees and the natural environment.
  • Credibility – we are a reliable company that meets its obligations.

FAKRO people

We want to build FAKRO as a responsible company, therefore we give our employees the space to come up with ideas and put into action innovative solutions. Our goal is to have creative and dedicated people with the ability to convince and inspire others. With our unique Idea Submission Program we are constantly ahead, growing fast and standing out from the competition.

Our strategy: help wisely 

The cornerstone of a responsible business is dialogue with the society. We are open-minded and committed to solving social issues. By implementing a business education project called Smart Wallet, we provide people with knowledge to achieve a better quality of life in their country.  

Our great responsibility

The most obvious influence of FAKRO on society and its situation are such factors as the transfer of modern technologies, investments in infrastructure, research and development, promotion of healthy lifestyle and spreading proper business practices. FAKRO also brings into existence and maintains new workplaces, cares about the professional development of its employees, creates conditions for effective work and rest. It is not only about livelihood as FAKRO offers its employees a sense of security and stability, contact with people, work comfort and makes them feel valued.