Quality System

Quality System

The Quality System functioning in the company integrates all activities in order to always provide high quality products in accordance with customer’s expectations, requirements of European standards and various certifying bodies.


Innovative technologies, use of effective methods of production management, uniform procedures for operation, continuous improvements of manufacturing processes and working conditions, all ensure the constant, high quality of our products.

Quality control is an inseparable part of our production process. Each product’s quality is verified on all production stages and is performed by all production workers. In addition, is it carried out by our quality control laboratory as well as periodically by various independent certifying bodies.


More than 70 different control and measurement tests are performed in our laboratories, which allow current monitoring of offered products. Research is conducted on all incoming products, components in production process and eventually, final products.

Laboratories equipped with wind chamber, rain barrel and low temperatures chamber allow performing tests in extreme climate conditions.

All quality system at FAKRO aim to provide quality and repeatability of manufactured products and increase of trust and satisfaction of our customers.