Why are PVC roof windows more beneficial in demanding climate conditions?

Winters in the UK are a little unpredictable. Winter 2019 was milder than average but UK cities still endured cooler temperatures, sharp frosts and snowfall. With adverse weather battering homes across the UK, due to climate change, homeowners have been challenged with carrying out more and more repairs on their homes. Here is where FAKRO GB may have a solution for you.

A roof is at the forefront of the house to protect you from heavy weather, so it is important to have the highest quality products installed within its structure. FAKRO launched their popular centre pivot PTP-V roof window over 10 years ago. It is also available in their 2-in-1 PPP-V preSelect range which offers a great top hung alternative.

The internal strength of PVC roof windowsInternal pane of PVC

PVC roof windows manufactured by FAKRO are constructed with multi-chamber PVC profiles strengthened from the inside with galvanised steel preventing deformity of the frame. PVC profiles are made with calcium and zinc stabilisers that are available in three different RAL colours. Combining this external protection and internal rigidity, the finished window is durable and resistant to corrosion as it does not absorb moisture making them the perfect choice for homes when the weather becomes windy or wet.

No compromise on design

The qualities of PVC in window construction have been taken into consideration and reflected through their design. These windows are often installed in rooms with a higher level of humidity such as a kitchen or bathroom. Premises like laundries are prone to moist air due to a higher levels of condensation.   

Many roof windows include a quadruple sealing system which provides additional tightness in extreme weather conditions and reduces micro-vibrations from the cladding profiles during heavy rain.

Close up of the PVC roof window handle

Roof window maintenance

A PTP or PPP window sash can be rotated through 180 degrees and locked to allow safe and easy cleaning of the outer pane. This is one of the roof windows greatest features as it offers low maintenance therefore providing an easy to use system.  

Every FAKRO window purchased comes with a lifetime guarantee against hail, a 10-year warranty for the frame of the window and 20 years for its glazing unit.

Where can I find a PVC roof window?

To learn more about the benefits of FAKRO PVC windows, ask your local builders merchants who will be able to advise you about their exceptional features. Alternatively, you can speak to your local FAKRO representative by finding their details here.