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What makes our products sustainable?

1. 99% recyclability 

We manufacture our windows to last for years and years, however, we accept that sometimes they may come to their end-of-life. For that reason, our windows, in particular the PTP-V, are up to 99% recyclable. For more information, you can download the Environmental Declaration here


2. FSC certified pine

Sustainably managed forests and utilisation of the wood contribute more to climate protection than natural forests. This is because when the wood of dead trees rots, the CO2 stored in it is released again (Beyond Zero Homes).


3. One of the lowest U-Values on the market

All windows are tested to ensure they don't transmit too much heat from a home and therefore, meet with Building Regulations. The lower the U-value the less heat lost. Our U6 quadruple glazed windows have a U-Value 0.5W/m²K and are one of the lowest currently on the market - not only is this helping to save the planet, but also money on utility bills!


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