FAKRO proud to have partnered the XII International Sokolik ORLEN Cup

FAKRO proud to have partnered the XII International Sokolik ORLEN Cup


FAKRO supported the “I too have a dream” Foundation in organising this year’s international football tournaments for children. As part of this project, two prestigious sports events for the youngest were held.


The first of them known as the VII International Stal Rzeszów Steel Cup took place in early June in Zakopane. An impressive number of 36 teams from Spain, Germany, Croatia, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Lithuania entered the competition.
It is the biggest tournament of this type for nine-year olds in Poland.


The second of them included the XII International Sokolik ORLEN Cup organised in Stary Sącz, with 36 teams participating, including 18 from Poland, 17 from other European countries and one from India. Teams in their quest for the cup demonstrated the results of hours spent on training and sacrifice they made to achieve their goal. Friday afternoon saw the opening ceremony of the tournament with
the next two days filled with matches full of emotions and unforgettable moments. Young footballers gave their all, showing professionalism on a par with top-flight teams. Eventually, the Sokolik Orlen Cup was won by the Spanish side Deportivo La Coruna.


“It’s wonderful that we can instil in children a love of sports and fair play from an early age. Participation in such events is certainly
a great experience not only for the children themselves, but also for their parents. As FAKRO we are delighted to favour such initiatives, which not only promote sports and healthy lifestyle, but also bring together many nationalities and cultures that intermingle and teach mutual tolerance,” commented by Janusz Komurkiewicz, FAKRO Management Board Member for Marketing.  


FAKRO, as a socially responsible company, is willing to engage in similar initiatives aimed at children and youth. Actions that support sports, healthy lifestyle and the broader development of children contribute to building awareness among the younger generation about the benefits of physical activity and fair play that brings satisfaction and joy as well.


The XII International Sokolik ORLEN Cup took place from 16 - 18 June.