Climb higher with FAKRO’s PassivHaus certified LWT Loft Ladder

FAKRO’s LWT Loft Ladder has recently been awarded certification from The Passivhaus Institute, the leading international design standard for energy efficiency in the building and construction industry, confirming its position as one of the most energy efficient Loft Ladders available on the market today.

Find out why when it comes to loft ladders, nothing fits better than FAKRO.

Protecting your home against heat loss

Installing poor quality loft ladders can lead to unnecessary heat loss and increased energy bills, but FAKRO’s LWT Loft Ladder is supplied with a highly insulated 80mm thick hatch, to provide a highly efficient barrier against heat loss. Also, the three seals fitted in the box guarantee a draught free fit which is ideal for installation in areas where large temperature differences occur between the habitable rooms and non-habitable attic space.

Safe to use

New hatch hinges control its movement, allowing the ladder to move away from the hatch as it opens allowing you to open and close the ladder safely and securely.

Easy to install

The ladder is supplied fully assembled and with an easy “click” method of detaching the lid means installation is both quick and easy. To enhance the fitting, each ladder is supplied complete with an insulation kit that provides an air tight collar, insulation in the form of sheep’s wool, and an air permeable collar to ensure the perfect air tight connection to the ceiling

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