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Filter awning blind cleanAir

The awning blind is equipped with RESPILON AIR® membrane which is made of layers of nanofi bers to create a dense and
durable mesh. A tight sealed connection with the blind’s frame structure ensures that the level of protection against smog and
air pollution reaches an unparalleled level.


Filter awning blind cleanAir

Filter awning blind cleanAir


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Protection against smog

The membrane, combined with the frame structure effectively stops pollution caused by smoke and fumes etc. from entering the room. This is particularly important in the winter months when the heating systems are in greater use and the amount of pollutants in the air is signifi cantly increased. The cleanAir awning blind allows the window to be open to provide ventilation into the room whilst protecting against the pollutants in the air.

Protection against allergens

Not only do the products protect against smog they also give protection against allergens, bacteria, viruses, fungi and dust particles. They are, therefore, an excellent solution for allergy sufferers who experience discomfort from plant pollens during the spring and summer months.

Protection against heat

With the awning blind easily mounted to the window frame it gives excellent protection to the room from overheating on hot sunny days. It can also reduce the need for expensive and energy consuming air conditioning.

Protection against mosquitoes – insect screen function

The composition of the awning blind also acts as screen against mosquito/fly and provides an eff ective and reliable barrier against flying insects entering the room. The window can be opened for ventilation whilst still giving protection from annoying insects entering the room.

Available in the following options:

  • VMZ ZIP manually operated awning blind;
  • VMZ Electro 230 awning blind operated by wall switch (230V);
  • VMZ Electro 12 awning blind operated by wall switch (12V);
  • VMZ Electro Solar awning blind operated by wall switch (12V);
  • VMZ Z-Wave awning blind operated by wireless Z-Wave system (12V);
  • VMZ Solar awning blind operated by wireless Z-Wave system (12V).

Fabric technical data

Dust protection: Fabric technical data
Composition: Mesh: polypropylene, polyester
Nanofi bre layer: polyvinylidene fl uoride
Weight: 121.6 g/m2
Thickness: 0.58 mm
Air permeability: Air permeability: ~ 20%*
Protection against overheating (solar factor): g tot=0,67-0,126**
Improvement in window thermal performance ~ 9%
Warranty 2 years
Cleaning & Maintenance:

- Use a vacuum cleaner or low level compressed air to remove dust and dirt;
- Wash with soft sponge and warm water (max 35°C) with soap (or special agents for PVC), rinse with clean water;
- Do not scrub with sharp and abrasive objects;
- Once cleaned, allow the fabric to dry before use;
- Do not use high pressure washer or aggressive cleaning agents/solvents/ alcohol/petrol etc.

* Over time the membrane becomes tighter and captures more dust particles, while its air permeability decreases.
When cleaning not all dust is removed but the air permeability is improved.
** Based on comparison with the awning blind’s fabric featuring similar parameters, range for diff erent types of glazing (this means that a minimum of 90% of solar energy is stopped by the membrane).
*** Dependent on the usage conditions (after this time it is recommended to replace the membrane).