Ten Reasons to Choose Fakro Roof Windows

Everybody likes a top-ten, they’re everywhere from nostalgic TV 80’s throwbacks to YouTube videos running through the top ten of anything you can think of. Our top ten below is an unashamed top ten reasons why you should choose Fakro Roof Windows for your next project. To be frank this could have been a top 20 or 30 – that’s how proud we are of our award winning products!

So here we go, in no particular order, the top ten reasons to choose Fakro products…

10 reasons to choose Fakro roof windowsHandle at the Bottom

For easier access and use, this allows the window to be positioned higher up the roofline to give a greater spread of natural daylight into the room.
What this means to you – Our windows are super simple and easy to operate.

V40P Semi-Automatic Ventilation

Giving control of airflow into the room. Option of fully opening or closing the vent without touching or operating the sash.
What this means to you – Ventilation is all taken care of, and ergonomically designed into our roof windows.

topSafe Anti-Burglary System

Unique reinforced elements to the handle, keep-plate and hinges result in FAKRO offering the most safe and secure roof window currently available on the market.    
What this means to you – While nothing is 100% secure our windows are proven defence against attack.

Sash Guiding System

Providing not only protection of the end grain on the sash joints but designed to allow the sash to close correctly within the frame and ensure that all seals work to maximum effect.
What this means to you – That you’ll be selecting roof windows with superior closing quality and seal.

Close Grained Redwood

Using only slow grown redwood ensures an aesthetically pleasing close grain finish. Guaranteed of being knot free on all visible surfaces.
What this means to you – No visible wood knots and a beautiful finish.

Condensation run off channels

Moisture caused by condensation can escape to the outside thanks to a unique drainage system. Added to fully sealed internal joints which prevent moisture from entering into the timber - resulting in greater durability.
What this means to you – Less condensation which means less maintenance.

Quadruple Sealing System

Wiper and compression seals to the window and sash give a high level of air tightness and a first class weatherseal.
What this means to you – A reduced risk of drafts around the glazing units.

1.3W/M2K Installed U-Value

Market leading standard window U-value thanks to thermoPro technology and warm edge spaces to the glazing unit.
What this means to you – Selecting Fakro means saving money on your heating bills.

Fully Finished

A fully finished product, even in relation to non-visible surfaces on the sash. Eco-friendly lacquer or polyurethane used to give a first-class finish to all surfaces. Minimal aftercare required.
What this means to you – An unrivalled superior quality look and feel to all our products.

Universal Bracket Fix System

Giving greater choice in the positioning of the window. No fuss L-Shaped brackets are fitted to the side of the window and directly on to the rafters (can also be fitted to the top & bottom if required). Choice of 3 fitting depths to suit most roof coverings.
What this means to you – Fakro are easier and quicker to install.

We could (and will if you give us chance!) write a much bigger list of Fakro advantages. If you’d like to hear more or even pop in and see our extensive showroom, contact Fakro today.