FAKRO Offer Customers Semi-Automatic Ventilation

Choosing a roof window with a good quality ventilation system is essential to protecting your home from condensation, heat loss and higher energy bills. Sounds straightforward enough - but how do you tell the difference if you’re not a roof window expert?


Most roof windows come with a manually operated air vent which means that they are either “open” or “closed”. This method of ventilation means little or no control over the flow of air into and out of the room resulting in cold air being allowed to enter the room and warm air escape.


If you’re looking for the best for your home, you need a roof window designed with innovation in mind. Which is why all FAKRO roof windows come with the semi-automatic, V40P air vent as standard.


Why semi-automatic?

Making the V40P air vent semi-automatic means that it can automatically adjust to changes in the external wind pressure. In the open position the ventilator allows air to flow freely and assist in the reduction of moisture build-up, creating a healthier micro-climate to the room. When the wind pressure increases the ventilator has the ability to close up and stop the cold air form entering the room, thereby bringing some control to the energy being used. A saving for the homeowner.


How does it work?

Positioned in the top part of the frame, the vent’s elastic, pneumatic flap opens or closes according to the wind pressure, with no wind the vent is fully open allowing an air flow of up to 49m3/h, as the wind pressure increases the vent flap closes thus bringing control to the amount of cold air entering the room. This unique feature means that the homeowner can leave the ventilation open knowing that should there be an increase in the wind pressure the V40P vent will bring control to the air circulation to the room. If desired, the vent chamber can be fully closed from the inside by simply closing the neatly finished slide action grill.


The V40P really does give the homeowner control of ventilation like no other roof window.


The V40P air inlet features as standard on the full range of centre pivot and top hung FAKRO roof windows, they also come with a market leading U value of 1.2w/m2k, and P2 Anti Burglary Glazing. To find out more about why FAKRO roof windows are better, by design, and to browse our wide range of roof windows and loft ladders, visit www.roofwindows4you.co.uk.