Homeowners could save money by investing in the best roof windows

When it comes to designing a new loft space or installing a roof window in your home, cutting corners can end up costing you more than you might save. FAKRO have designed their roof windows to become investments that last, which can save money over the medium to long term when compared to the short term gain of low-value, budget alternatives.


Energy-efficient design

FAKRO roof windows have been designed to help control your energy use better than any other roof windows on the market. How? By reducing unnecessary heat loss. Fitted with a V40P air vent, it automatically adjusts to increase or reduce airflow depending on the wind pressure. It also features P2 anti burglary glazing and a 1.2w/m2k U value as standard. FAKRO’s centre pivot and top hung windows are a testament to committing to offer the customer energy efficiency. What’s more, if your design calls for a Mechanical Heat Recovery System, the design of FAKRO windows allows a non-vented option. Furthermore in developing the FTT U8 Thermo, it can also offer a U value of 0.58w/m2k using quadruple glazing technology which is the warmest single unit roof window in the world!


Long-term protection

Greater energy efficiency and better quality air circulation also help to protect your home from more serious problems, such as condensation, damp and wood rot. When left untreated, these issues can become come costly to repair to say nothing of the effect they have on the living environment. With superior features such as moisture drainage channels and joint protection technology FAKRO products come with knot free redwood and three coat lacquer protection to give greater durability and long term aesthetics.


Meanwhile, with the use of the unique topSafe anti burglary system, FAKRO standard roof windows offer greater safety and security when compared to similar products that are available. Used in conjunction with toughened external glass and a laminated inner pane, the specially shaped and mounted hinges significantly improve the resistance to break-in attempts and protect against the sash opening if inadvertently stepped on. This has enabled all FAKRO products to meet a minimum Class III - EN13049 - another standard which FAKRO was first to achieve.


Peace of mind, guaranteed

Alongside the energy savings that can be made with a FAKRO roof window, all of the windows come with long warranties. Enjoy a 10 year warranty for your window frame, a 20 year warranty for the glazing unit and a lifetime warranty for hail resistance. These windows were also the first roof windows on the market to be TUV certified, meaning they’ve been tested to international standards and endorsed by the leading quality and safety authority.


Combining energy-efficiency, innovative design and the highest standards of quality means that when you choose a FAKRO roof window, you could save hundreds of pounds in the long-term. And with prices starting from £165, there’s something to fit all budgets. To find out more about our large range of roof windows, loft ladders and accessories, and all of our custom options, why not visit www.roofwindows4you.co.uk