Relief from allergy – cleanAir products

Plant pollens and spores are one of the most common factors that can cause allergy symptoms. Some allergens lead to painful reactions such as sneezing, a runny nose, red and watery eyes as well as coughs and breathing (asthmatic) problems. Allergies have a negative influence on our self-being and everyday life. Plant allergens are often within the air and are not just a summer problem, there are commonly found from mid-February to the end of October. Everybody is vulnerable to the occurrence of allergy symptoms due to the ever increasing air pollution.

Plant pollen allergens are extremely small for example, 0.006mm diameter which is the size of a forget-me-not and very difficult to avoid contact with. Staying inside might seem to be the right thing to do during pollination but in our homes the air inside can be up to five times more polluted than the outside air.

Fakro have introduced an excellent solution to help ease the reaction caused by allergies by equipping windows with cleanAir anti-allergen and anti-smog products. A new generation RESPILON AIR® membrane used in the products is impermeable to particles which are 60 times smaller than the diameter of human hair. This provides a robust barrier against harmful dust, smoke, allergens, micro-organisms and insects from entering the living environment.

The range of Fakro products includes anti-allergen awning blinds and frames with filter cleanAir system for vertical windows.

Product Manager Wojciech Chronowski commented, ‘A unique RESPILON AIR® membrane applied in these products is made of layers of nanofibers to create a dense and durable mesh that effectively stops plant pollens and spores, bacteria, fungi as well as pollution caused my dust or fumes. This window can be opened for ventilation whilst giving protection from dangerous allergens. It can also act as a screen protecting from annoying insects entering the room.’

Relief from allergy – cleanAir products

In addition cleanAir products provide effective protection against excessive heat gain on hot summer days. In areas affected by smog, the awning blind and cleanAir filter frame ensure excellent protection against its harmful effects.

The membrane is easy to maintain and keep clean too with only the occasional wash with soapy water and an air dry required.

The cleanAir awning blinds and filter frames are an ideal solution for children’s rooms and bedrooms. Additionally, these are beneficial to help protect your health against harmful substances found in polluted air.

Living with an allergy can be very difficult and restrictive but by consciously influencing the quality of air within your home by limiting the amount of allergens entering, the end result will improve the air you breathe and therefore your own well-being too.