More light in your home

Cosy and bright with a magnificent panoramic view of the old church and beautiful garden. This describes a living room situated in the attic of a summer house in Friedrichstadt near Husum, which becomes increasingly more attractive thanks to three balcony windows arranged next to each other.

By using the handle to open slightly upwards followed by opening the bottom window sash creates a balcony roof window in seconds. The sliding barriers open out once the window is opened, creating a safe and practical balcony in the roof to ensure a beautiful view of the nearby surroundings. The interior surface is suitable for walking under and can be enlarged by use of large-sized glazing, while the area outside the window can be used as a balcony. 

The side safety barriers are integrated into the sash and slide out during opening so you can be sure of the safety of you and your minors. When closing the lower sash, the balcony rails are hidden inside the window and are not visible above the roof surface. Flashing elements are concealed under the window meaning they do not collect dirt when the window is closed back into the roof structure.

Both sashes are made of vacuum saturated pinewood coated with acrylic varnish, and come equipped with innovative P2 glazing unit. This is an eye-catching building so high quality FAKRO balcony windows which have increased operational safety and burglary resistance thanks to patented topSafe system, were required.

More light in your home  

View of the roof with the windows closed. The uniform image of the window design, resulting from the fact that protective barriers are concealed under the flashing elements and do not protrude beyond the roof surface, greatly improves the aesthetics of the roof.

More light in your home     More light in your home
Opened balcony windows are a sensible and modern alternative to the standard balcony as the living space can be used more freely than just the surface of the balcony. This is an advantage in comparison to traditional balconies which are usually too small or too narrow to be sensibly used as an outdoor area.

More light in your home     More light in your home
Three impressive balcony windows installed side by side create a panoramic view of the church and garden. The interior area under the sloping roof is increased enabling greater walking area and space in the home. An ordinary room is transformed into an architecturally interesting room which lets in plenty of natural light. 


Whether opened or closed, the living space gains attractiveness with panoramic views and more free space.