LIV: an unique living experience centre

Last November an unique living experience centre opened in Nijmegen, The Netherlands: LIV. LIV is the first experience centre in The Netherlands that makes a new-built house come to life, even before the build. A ready-to-use house that already has some FAKRO products in the attic. This innovative concept is an initiative of the Dutch companies Eigenhuis Groep, Trebbe Wonen en Van der Sluis Technical companies.

Unique living experience centre

LIV is an unique concept that provides consumers with the opportunity to choose a complete new-built house and all the corresponding elements based on their wishes, needs and expectations. And all this under one roof. The striking building at the foot of the city bridge of Nijmegen, called ‘De Oversteek’, is a real eye catcher. The four model houses, that are behind a glass window, can be seen from a great distance. In the experience centre visitors get professional guidance from the living coaches. These coaches take them through the buying process step-by-step. They also advise about the purchase of a house, getting a mortgage and choosing the kitchen, the bathroom and the whole decoration of the living area.


FAKRO plays an important role in the unique concept of LIV. For example a variety of FAKRO products are already built in the model houses of the experience centre. Visitors can experience directly what a FAKRO roof window does for their new-built house. It lets natural light inside which makes the room look more spacious. Next to the FAKRO roof windows, there are also other FAKRO products in the four model houses as well. Think of L-shaped combination doors for more storage space and a loft ladder to easily reach the attic.

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