FAKRO fairy tale internal blackout blinds

Enchant a child’s world with delightful FAKRO blinds that will completely change the décor and char­acter of the interior. Even today, your child’s room can host the heroes of top animated movies by DreamWorks studio: “Penguins of Madagascar”‚ “How to Train Your Dragon”, “Kung Fu Panda” or “Trolls”.


Bearing in mind the comfort of the youngest residents within the attic, the vice-leader of the roof window market has developed this internal accessories range by adding ARF blackout blinds which feature animated heroes. The new collection was created thanks to the cooperation of FAKRO with DreamWorks Film Studio.


A child’s room within the attic is a special place in every home which deserves particular attention. It should be functional and adapt­ed to the needs of those it is intended for. Installing internal blinds on roof windows featuring motifs of popular animated movies is an ideal solution to be applied in every child’s room. When using ARF DreamWorks blinds you get all of the advantages and exceptional décor for the entire room.


By unrolling the blinds, the intensity of sunlight can be reduced and can also be ensured the room has a pleasant blackout when children need to take time out. There is an option to stop these blinds at any position and adjust­ the amount of light entering the room to suit all requirements.


Furthermore, blackout blinds with DreamWorks heroes cre­ate a charming design for a child’s space. This will enable the youngest to feel very comfortable spending time within the room whilst learning or playing with a cheerful smile on their face.


Unique ARF DreamWorks blackout blinds by FAKRO can be browsed on www.roofwindows4you.co.uk


         FAKRO fairy tale internal blackout blinds