Increase your natural lighting, instantly improve your mood

Did you know that increased exposure to sunlight directly effects your mood? FAKRO offers innovative roof window solutions designed to provide even more natural lighting than our competitors, helping improve your quality of life and mood.

Optimise the effects of natural daylight and sunlight for the best living environment.

Research shows that exposure to natural sunlight can have a powerful effect on our mood. Changes in atmospheric light directly affects the brain’s pineal gland, which releases hormones called serotonin and melatonin. The body produces more serotonin when exposed to increased natural lighting, while excreting more melatonin as the daylight fades into evening.

Increased levels of serotonin in our bodies directly results in an improved mood, with accompanying sensations of calm and focus. Serotonin is an important chemical responsible for playing a key role in balancing mood, and deficiencies in this are closely linked to depression.

Peak levels of melatonin occur at night signalling to the body that it is time to sleep. Access to visible light aids the human body’s ability to regulate the production of the melatonin, which helps to regulate our circadian rhythm which affect our sleep and digestion patterns.

FAKRO roof windows increase your home’s natural lighting, which help with mood and wellbeing. Read on and discover how to light up your home and enjoy a whole host of other features too.

Increase your natural lighting, instantly improve your mood

More light than with comparable roof windows

FAKRO roof windows combine great ideas and excellent craftsmanship to provide the ideal solution for anyone seeking to illuminate their interiors with bright, warm, natural sunlight, without the need to install multiple windows.

Technicians at the FAKRO Research and Development Centre found that by moving the traditional placement of the window handle to the bottom of the sash allowed for a greater glazing area of up to 10% larger within the same standard dimensions when compared to similar sized windows.

This larger glazing area, combined with the specially shaped designs of the frame, sash and air inlet location, allows for a higher influx of natural light, making the roof windows capable of extended height installations for even more effective light distribution.

Increase your natural lighting, instantly improve your mood

Reducing unnecessary heat loss.

And it’s not just your wellbeing that could benefit! Utilising natural light not only effects your overall mood, but it can also lead to substantial energy savings. The larger glazed area provided by FAKRO windows is consistently more effective, as the free thermal energy is retained by their energy-efficient design.

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