How to convert your loft into a home office

For many of us the idea of working from home is something we aspire to achieve. A home office conversion in your loft space could be just the ticket. So, here's some top tips on how you can create your own productivity-boosting, inspiring office in your loft.

Working remotely has become a popular benefit for modern forward-thinking employers to offer their staff. There are around 375,000 more employees working directly and productively from home now than there were 10 years ago: an increase of 27%, according to TUC. This is probably because there are so many advantages for employers, including increased productivity and employee retention. For employees tho, it can mean comfort of home and no daily commute!

But as more of us work from home, we need to be sure we’re in a perfect environment to stay productive. And, a converted loft is the perfect place for a home office. This is because it’s a separate, secluded area away from distractions.

So, let’s dive in with our top tips on how to create a comfy home office in your loft.

Making the most of the available space

Making the most of the available space

A big challenge when designing your home workplace is to make sure you have enough space to comfortably perform your duties. Sometimes this can be difficult in a loft, where awkward shapes and a lack of head room may be restrictive. You could begin by finding the right place for your desk and chair, the most important aspects in your new office. When this is decided you’ll be in a good position to place additional furniture, depending on the remaining available space.

You could even open up more space for an additional chair and table in any dead areas. This could be used for integrated storage units instead of standing cabinets. You could look for bespoke storage solutions that can be built into low or narrow area, but often perfectly good budget solutions can be found, which are ideal, and perfect for those working to a tight budget. Often, available spaces for storage are either side of the door, or under the lowest points of the sloping ceiling where furniture is difficult to fit.


Be choosy about your roof window.

As designers and innovators of roof windows we here at FAKRO know a thing or two about how to help improve a loft.

So when selecting your new roof windows consider all the options available. For example, you need roof windows that deliver everything you need. You'll need lots of light, so a roof window that offers maximum glazing area is important. But sometimes you’ll also need shade, so remember that FAKRO offer a huge range of perfectly designed and easy to install roof window blinds. Also, consider reach, as your window might be situated behind your new desk. FAKRO roof windows come with their handle conveniently situated at the bottom, in easy reach ready to deliver fresh air when you need a boost. Finally remember security of both your new office (and its potentially valuable contents) and the rest of your home below. This is also where a FAKRO roof window can help, offering the very highest standards with the topSafe®​ system delivering unique reinforced elements to the handle, keep-plate and hinges for unrivalled security and peace of mind.


Remember the home comforts

Taking regular breaks is a help to both mental health and productivity.

Stretching and moving to make yourself a cup of coffee is the perfect way to take a short break and give your eyes a rest. But having options for making a brew closer to your new work station may come in handy, especially first thing on a morning or when deadlines are pressing. Yes, breaks are vital, and should not be ignored, but you may want to think about building a small kitchen area too, in addition to cosy seating area to relax without being tempted to just hang the washing out, or fix that squeaking door that’s been annoying you for a while now. But never forget biscuits, fruit, and other snacks which will help you beat a mid-afternoon slump!

If you’re lucky with the shape and space of your loft, you can even check to see if you can instal an en-suite for even more convenience. By keeping everything you need close at hand, you’ll be more able to focus and stay productive, so think about things that motivate you and consider incorporating them into your loft design.


Here to help

We hope the tips here can help you transform your loft into a beautiful and productive home office. By focussing on creating a great environment with lots of natural light, you can stay positive, work effectively and add lots of value to your home too!

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