Roof Windows 4 You develops Helpdesk

Within the last month there has been an exciting development with the Helpdesk. Visitors are now able to use and navigate through the Helpdesk by selecting the category that they wish to view.


Now the online system features product images, fitting instructions and technical information for the core ranges within the Helpdesk. Users are able to download the product PDF documents for personal use and can refer back to them whenever they need to.


As future plans for the Helpdesk progress, users will see more guides for FAKRO products similar to the current Flashing Guide already listed. It will be extremely beneficial for both merchants and consumers. Merchants will be able to download the material required whether it is for their website or for a customer. It provides them with instant information.


John Brentnall, FAKRO’s Technical and Estimation Manager commented, ‘I feel that the Roof Windows 4 You Helpdesk is a hugely beneficial tool for builder’s merchants, contractors, Architects and end users alike. This is because it offers quick and easy access to a wide range of product information that may be required, without having to request it and possibly have to wait, and so reducing the amount of time that it may take to get the required information for a project.

We will be constantly updating this section of the website with new information, so as all information that is required will eventually be very easy to access for all that may require it.’


Another category that will be focused on within the Helpdesk is the Service Area. It is important all consumers can gather advice and information when working with a query.


To view the Helpdesk, just visit