FAKRO Invest for a Greener Future

When it comes to choosing a new roof window for your home you will probably have researched the product and learnt a bit about its capabilities and its price, but will you be aware of the ecological impact the manufacturing processes may have had on the environment?

Roof windows produced with irresponsibly sourced timber can destroy our forests, endangering the habitats of animals and contributing to harmful levels of CO2. Which is why FAKRO have a strict policy of only producing roof windows using responsible well managed forests and other controlled sources.


The main component of a FAKRO roof window is Redwood Pine, a species of timber that is widely regarded as one of the most ecological and sustainable construction materials available.


As a company, FAKRO has a robust ecological and sustainable ethos. This means that our window frames are manufactured using timber sourced only from forests that operate with a stern management system that sees the amount of trees grown is far greater than those felled. FAKRO have acquired an FSC® Certification and by choosing a FAKRO FSC® certified product, you are supporting responsible management of the world’s forests.


If more businesses continually invest in this type of replacement programme, it will generate enough income to enable longstanding forests to continue to exist, protecting the lives of endangered species and their delicate ecosystem. 


What’s more, the younger trees grown to supply the demand absorb several times more carbon dioxide than old trees, helping to further reduce FAKRO’s carbon footprint.


FAKRO’s commitment to a greener future doesn’t stop there: after harvesting, the pinewood is seasoned and dried in an automatically controlled environment which is powered by the heat obtained from the combustion of post-production wood waste. It’s just one of the ways that FAKRO have utilised waste materials and implemented ecological technologies throughout the production process.


The FAKRO philosophy is to only develop environmentally friendly products using ecological techniques that minimise waste, reduce emissions and noise levels.


To view the full range of products, why not visit www.roofwindows4you.co.uk? FSC® certification is available on a range of FAKRO products, when you choose a FAKRO roof window, look for our FSC®-certified products, this way you can be sure that it’s been responsibly produced.


                                                                      FAKRO Invest for a Greener Future