Invite the Light Inside

Fakro’s Galeria balcony windows give attics an outdoor space.

Inhabitants of the Western world tend to spend increasingly more time indoors, but at the same time instinctively look for contact with nature. Most people want to enjoy the surrounding environment as long as possible. This helps them relax and recharge, so they can keep going. Opportunities to create conditions that will meet these expectations should be made the most of, which is where FAKRO’s large Galeria balcony windows for the attic allow designers to do just that.

These attic windows create many exciting design options. In sloped roofs without a knee wall, the entire roof can be glazed with large balcony windows that provide ample natural light, panoramic views to the outside, and most importantly, the ability to create a balcony within the attic space. The FGH-V Galeria is a window whose sashes, when opened, create a balcony. The upper sash opens upwards, infinitely variable, while the lower sash can be tilted forward. The upper sash is supported by an innovative mechanism that makes it possible to leave it in any position. Side safety barriers are integrated into the bottom sash and slide out during opening. In order to close the window, locks located by the rails of the frame have to be released.

Invite the Light Inside
The FGH-V Galeria can be converted from a roof window into a balcony.

When closing the lower sash, the balcony rails are hidden inside the window and are not visible above the roof surface. Nor do they collect dirt or spoil the aesthetics of the roof. Once the balcony is opened, the rails are always dry and clean, which contributes to trouble-free operation. By opening the balcony window, additional space is gained within the attic, as well as close contact with the environment.

The topSafe system applied in the Galeria window provides increased operational safety and burglary resistance too. The standard window comes with a single chamber, safe glazing unit that is anti-burglary class P2A. In case of damage, the glass pieces stick to a film that has been laminated onto the internal glass pane, eliminating potential threat. The external glass pane has also been toughened, which offers a lifetime warranty against hail, meaning the Galeria balcony window ensures the highest level of safety.

Invite the Light Inside
The attic windows allow ample light into any attic.

Another important element applied in the Galeria window is an automatic V40P air inlet. Its adjustable duct area provides the optimum amount of ventilation, securing a healthy microclimate in the loft and energy savings.

Opening the Galeria balcony window allows the world to come inside. The result is plenty of natural light, contact with the environment and a better view, improving everyday life.