FAKRO Support Local Pancake Race in Swadlincote for Comic Relief

On Tuesday 5th March, FAKRO entered Swadlincote’s annual Pancake Race in aid of Comic Relief. In 2019, Swadlincote’s race saw 32 businesses and organisations across South Derbyshire compete against one another for the golden frying pan trophy.

The crowd did not disappoint as they were full of enthusiasm and were continuously cheering the contenders on. As the sun was shining, Tuesday’s event took place outdoors on the Delph in the town centre.

Contenders had a set of challenges throughout the course and for every attempt failed, the participants received a five second penalty. FAKRO’s team members have a great flipping technique and took the lead for a short while until John Nike’s Snowsports Centre ran the course with a dog, distracting Chloe Murdoch and barking FAKRO’s chances out of the pan.

Flippin’ FAKRO consisted of four team members - Kurgan Stanier, Chloe Murdoch, Lewis Kirby and Mateusz Maciejasz.

Once again FAKRO came 25th out of 32nd but this has not drained spirits for next year’s race as it was extremely close this time.

If you did not get chance to see FAKRO’s race, you will find a video from the day here.