FAKRO roof windows in non-standard roof coverings

Having a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle has become fashionable in newly designed residential buildings. Roof coverings made of natural materials are becoming more popular. People are no longer surprised by modern buildings covered with wooden shingle, slate or thatch. Is it possible to provide enough natural light within an attic space without harming the architectural qualities of all these coverings?

Studies have shown that an insufficient amount of daylight in rooms intended for residential purposes may cause a lack of energy, negative attitude, while in extreme cases even depression. Specialists and construction engineers take a serious approach to issues like this, hence the provision in the Construction Law. This law defines the optimum quantity of natural light in the room by calculating the proportion of the surface of the window’s glass area to the total floor area.

In a room for habitable purposes this proportion should be at least 1:8, and in special rooms where more natural light is required, the ratio should be at least 1:12.

How do you secure the right amount of natural light within the loft space? Installing dormer windows in non-standard roof covering materials may spoil the aesthetics of the building. Moreover, this process is complicated and time-consuming.

Roof windows provide an optimal solution for these types of buildings because their installation is simple. There is no interference within the roofs structure and with a wide range of flashings available, FAKRO ensure their windows can be installed in many types of roof coverings.

FAKRO roof windows in non-standard roof coverings

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