Installation made easy, with FAKRO LWZ Plus loft ladder

Installing a new loft ladder in your home can be a painful and time consuming process, which is why we’re giving you a helping hand.

The LWZ Plus is a 3-section wooden folding loft ladder combining the advantages of FAKROs latest loft ladder designs, with innovative new features that double as a quick installation system, simplifying installation and reducing the time it takes to fit the ladder in the ceiling.

Find out why when it comes to quick installation, FAKRO’s LWZ Plus loft ladder is the best choice.

New Features Make Installation Even Easier

The LWZ Plus wooden folding loft ladder is the ideal solution for those looking to save time on self-installation.

One of the new key features of the LWZ Plus loft ladder are the quick-fit brackets built directly into the steel frame to speed up installation time, making levelling within the ceiling easy.

The installation system ensures that the ladder can be easily installed, and the ladder height can be simply adjusted to suit the room.

The additional features of an integrated steel frame, installation brackets and metal architrave lining, prevent any imperfections and gaps between the frame and ceiling, ensuring the final results have a professional finish.

Save Space without Sacrificing Design

If you’re looking to create more space in your home, then the FAKRO LWZ Plus loft ladder is ideal as it enables safe and easy access to non-inhabited loft spaces, without the need for installing costly and space consuming staircases.

The LWZ Plus requires very little space to operate in, and when folded away, the sections are stowed on the insulated white hatch and don’t take up any room in the loft space.

Safe and Easy to Use

The LWZ Plus wooden folding ladder utilises newly designed hatch hinges to control movement, allowing the ladder to pull away from the hatch as it opens, so that you can open and close the ladder safely and securely with greater ease of use.

After unlocking, the hatch mechanism opens slowly, and locks in a fully open position preventing it from spontaneous closing during operation.

Grooves are designed into the tread surface of the rungs to further protect the user from accidental slipping while using the ladder.

FAKRO Folding Ladders satisfy all technical and safety requirements, whilst maximising ease of use and comfort.

Always Expect the Best with FAKRO

The patented corner hinge and spring mechanism provide added rigidity, preventing distortion and guaranteeing that your product lasts over time and with frequent use.

They also have stile ends made from heavy duty PVC to protect your floor surfaces from scratching, while also adding to the ladder’s overall stability.

Additionally, all FAKRO loft ladders are designed to maximise thermal efficiency, saving you money on the costs of unnecessary heat loss.

As part of their continuous commitment to customer satisfaction, all FAKRO loft ladders come with a complimentary 3-year warranty.

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