FAKRO GB and Beyond Zero Homes fight against climate change

FAKRO GB have been proudly working alongside other suppliers in the Beyond Zero Homes team to create this beautiful demo house for the COP26 - UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. The aim of the project is to showcase a simple, affordable way to build beautiful homes which will simultaneously help us meet our climate commitments.

FAKRO GB and Beyond Zero Homes fight against climate change


Which products were used & why

The brand new FPT preSelect U6 MAX roof window was the only contender for a project of this caliber. At FAKRO, we knew we needed to present something that was both energy efficient in terms of its use, but also sustainably sourced and manufactured. Luckily, the FPT preSelect U6 MAX roof window was up to the challenge. 


But why this particular window & why FAKRO:

  • Products are constructed with a detailed analysis of their influence on nature.
  • FAKRO contributes to sustainable energy balance and the protection of non-renewable sources.
  • FSC certified pine from forests with planned forestry economy and uses eco-friendly lacquer with no harmful substances to the planet means we are planting more trees than cutting down.
  • The FPT preSelect U6 MAX roof window has a U-Value of 0.82W/m²K & the glazing has a  U-Value 0.5W/m²K - this is one of the lowest currently on the market.
  • This roof window, with a unique opening mechanism, can be used in either centre-pivot or top-hung mode at the flick of a switch.


FAKRO GB and Beyond Zero Homes fight against climate change

FAKRO GB and Beyond Zero Homes fight against climate change




The role of roof windows

Thermal Efficiency

The most efficient energy is the one that is never used. All homes consume energy in one way or another, either for cooling down living spaces in the summer or heating in the colder periods of the year. One of the simplest paths towards reduced energy consumption in buildings is choosing windows and doors with the best possible thermal performance. Keep the indoor climate at a comfortable level without sacrificing the global climate on wasteful heating and cooling. 



We come to life with the light of day. Quality indoor spaces all have an ample amount of daylight in common, regardless of if they are a place for business, treatment, learning or living. But letting in light comes with its own set of challenges, all of them already solved by modern glazing technology and window manufacturing know-how. Explore new ways to see the light, even if the day is spent indoors. 


Comfort & Wellbeing 

Most of us spend far more time indoors than outside. That means we should be as comfortable as possible while doing so. Explore the freedom of furnishing without having to avoid cold draughts from windows. Find new spaces to relax. Feel good and be good, protected by windows and doors. 



We should all reduce our overall consumption, but we should also surround ourselves with items that are meant to last, sometimes even beyond our own timeline. Combining the best of low embodied carbon raw materials with experience and engineering produces the result of windows and doors meant to outlast generations. 


Challenges in terms of glass 

There is no denying that glass is the single most negative contributor to a window’s carbon footprint. At the same time, there are no real alternatives offering the same thermal efficiency and longevity as the modern window glass of today. The question is of course not glass or no glass, but rather where in the building the glass can best be used. It’s a wonderful material that deserves to be used wisely. 


Contact us

For more information on this project, or to talk to us about how these windows can benefit your project or property, please contact Stewart MacKenzie - stewart.mackenzie@fakrogb.com

Stewart worked extremely closely with Peter Smith, the architect on this project, to carefully specify the FPT preSelect U6 MAX roof window ensuring sustainability was at the forefront of all decision making. So, get in touch with him to absorb all his expertise!