FAKRO for Bucha

FAKRO for Bucha


There are some key words in human consciousness sound of which evokes immediate associations. Bucha is one of them. This town near Kiev has become a symbol of brutal crimes committed by Russian troops against Ukrainian civilians. Unfortunately, no one can turn back the time. The only thing we can do is steadily contribute to making the Ukrainian reality ready for a return to a peaceful normality.

That is why FAKRO was very happy to accept the opportunity to cooperate in the reconstruction of Ukraine. Together with the UN Global Compact Network Poland, UNOPS, the Polish Red Cross and the Bucha Town Hall, we organised a humanitarian convoy with building materials destined for this Ukrainian town.

“We want to help. We have been helping Ukraine since the war broke out. We are linked to Ukraine by our production facilities and our distribution network. Ukraine is an important business market for us, but we simply have friends there. The transport included membranes and vapour barriers as these are roof sealing products. Their purpose is to retain heat and ensure insulation against moisture, which is very important now. Our plans for the next convoys involve windows as well,” commented by Paweł Dziekoński, Vice President of the FAKRO Group.

Kamil Wyszkowski, Executive Director of UN Global Compact Network Poland, said: We set off for Bucha with the first convoy. Irpin will be right after Bucha. We would like to thank FAKRO for all help.

Trucks departed from Nowy Sącz on 16 December. However, we waited to publish this information until it was confirmed that the drivers had safely arrived at their destination and today, we received this good news.