FAKRO at 36. Construma 2017 Building Trade Exhibition

Construma Trade Exhibition is the largest event in the construction industry, held in Hungary’s capital, Budapest. The surface of 20,000 m2 area gathered over 700 exhibitors, who presented their latest solutions. This edition attracted more than 60,000 visitors and exceeded the previous record of visitors.

FAKRO returned to Construma once again, with this year’s exhibition stand spreading over the area of 100m2, and showcased the company's latest roof windows, flat roof windows, loft ladders and the entire range of accessories. This in included their innovative new FPP-V preSelect2 top hung and centre pivot window, highly insulated loft ladder LTK Energy, and PTP-V window.

At Construma, FAKRO vertical windows had its premiere to the Hungarian market. These windows are a remarkable combination of the highest quality wood and aluminium profiles, which are characterised by unique features. “Large sizes, safety, aesthetics and ease of operation of INNOVIEW windows provide ultimate comfort for the users”, said Sławomir Gawlik, FAKRO Group Marketing Director at a special press-event for professional journalists.

The FAKRO stand offered a unique event aimed at showing resistance of the DXW flat roof window. With special design features such as enhanced load-bearing capacity and a lasting, non-slip coating, allowed the user to walk across its surface freely. To prove its extraordinary characteristics, László Hege, the 18-times national bicyclist champion, not only rides across the DXW window, but also does acrobatics and jumps onto its surface.