Pre-Select: Design Innovation in Action

Did you know that FAKRO are the only roof window company to manufacture the preSelect window? Unlike conventional centre pivot or top hung roof windows, it comes with a unique 2 for 1 opening function which allows it to be opened both ways.

Read on to discover more about the history behind its special design.

The original roof window

The design of the original roof windows of the 19th century significantly differs from their modern contemporaries; they provided little thermal protection or prevention of moisture build-up, and could not be opened.

References to them can be found in all kinds of literature and art, as you can see below:

Pre-Select: Design Innovation in Action
Room in the loft of Hans Christian Andersen (1805 - 1875):

“Under the roof, the walls were inclined and in them windows were installed – after the fashion of other mansard windows but providing a much wider view. I could admire the church tower through them which I could see from its very base.”

New choices

Approaching the turn of the 20th century, new roof window solutions began to appear. For the first time, roof windows were able to be opened, and the first patent for a rotating roof window was made in 1894. As the 20th century continued, so too did new innovations in roof window design, with better insulation and protection against moisture.

Design innovation in action

Whilst top hung windows allowed users to enjoy unlimited views from their roof, and centre pivot window were accessible, easy to clean and safe, there was still no product available on the market that could offer the benefits of both types of window with just one handle, and the idea for FAKRO’s preSelect design was born.

Features that speak for themselves

Developed in our modern Research and Development centre, the FAKRO top hung window features a unique preSelect switch which enables users to change the pivot point of the window easily, so you can enjoy all the benefits of both top hung and centre pivot windows, with one operating handle, conveniently placed at the base of the sash.

Our preSelect windows also feature:

  • Lifetime Value - The sash guiding system which ensures correct alignment of the sash to the quadruple sealing system for an excellent air tightness and durability
  • V40P Automatic Ventilation – giving control of ventilation into the room
  • Increased Natural Light - By placing the handle at the bottom of the window sash, you can enjoy a larger glazing area
  • Enhanced Security - Our preSelect windows come with topSafe® burglary protection as standard
  • Noise Reduction - Benefit from an additional seal in the glazing profile, unique to our preSelect windows
  • Enhanced Thermal Performance – with the use of thermoPro technology to give market leading U-Values

Pre-Select: Design Innovation in Action

But it doesn’t all stop at the preSelect window.
FAKRO have over 160 patents processing for roof window innovations since we began doing business 25 years ago, making us one of the world’s leading manufacturers of roof windows and loft ladders. 

You can find the right roof window for your home or building project at and browse our products, and find your nearest stockist. We have a range of custom options to suit your needs, including non-standard sizes, wood and cladding colours and special glazing units.