Creating the right atmosphere for our customers

FAKRO V40P Semi-Automatic Air Ventilation Creates A Healthy Microclimate and Year-Round Energy Savings

Our innovative air inlet system uses a semi-automatic vent activated by changes in wind pressure to continually adjusts levels of fresh air flow - read on to discover more about the potential savings and health solutions behind our innovative design

How it works
Creating the right atmosphere for our customers
The current industry standard for air inlets used by roof window manufacturers is an inefficient, manually operated vent, which can frequently result in problems such as condensation, heat loss and excessive cooling.

The innovative design of FAKRO’s V40P semi-automatic air inlet allows it to be placed in the upper part of the frame instead of in the sash. The inlet itself contains an elastic, pneumatic flap which opens or closes to either deflect the inflow of air by reducing the duct area, or increase air flow in order to maintain a stable atmospheric level.

The success of the V40P at achieving an optimal balance of fresh air inflow means that we’ve made it a standard solution in all FAKRO roof windows.

Creating the right atmosphere for our customers

Control energy usage

Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or simply save money on energy bills, the FAKRO V40P is the solution. The inlet provides the opportunity to maximise energy savings, prevent home damage from poor ventilation, reduce condensation and promote a healthy air quality.

In Winter, outside airflow is limited to protect the room from excessive cooling, which noticeably reduces heating costs and thermal energy loss. In the Summer months, airflow is increased to allow for natural cooling of your room, also saving on air conditioning costs. With FAKRO V40P you are kept cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter with year-round energy savings.

Create a healthier climate

Modern buildings are currently built with tighter ventilation to reduce energy cost and heat loss which can lead to health problems. Poor ventilation results in moisture build up in rooms, especially bathrooms and kitchens, and this can accelerate the growth of microbes such as moulds and viruses, increasing the risk of transmission of airborne infectious diseases from the growth of fungal spores, as well as the development of asthma and allergies.

Apart from serious health risks, the damp attributed to poor ventilation precipitate home problems from peeling wallpaper, to an increase in dust mites, to the possibility of severe structural damage, like wood rot.

In order to ensure a healthy microclimate, the V40P increases air quality by promoting air circulation even when your windows are closed, therefore eliminating stale smells and stagnant air.

The FAKRO V40P is one of many unique design solutions created with functional efficiency in mind. FAKRO have patented over 100 roof window innovations since we began doing business 25 years ago, making us one of the world’s leading manufacturers of roof windows and loft ladders.

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