Could your roof window save you money?

Adding a new roof window to your home is a great way to boost natural light and create the illusion of more space. But did you know that choosing the wrong roof window can lead to condensation, heat loss and higher energy bills? 

Finding a roof window with good quality ventilation is essential to ensuring that your investment doesn’t end up costing you more, or impacting air quality.   

FAKRO’s unique V40P air vent has been designed to automatically adjust to changes in atmospheric air pressure, for a healthier micro-climate, and help reduced heat loss, all year-round.

How does it work?

Positioned in the top-part of the window frame, the V40P air inlet contains an elastic, pneumatic flap which opens or closes to either deflect or increase air inflow and maintain a healthy, stable micro-climate.

Controlled by the wind pressure the vent automatically closes in the event of high winds to reduce heat loss, as the winds drop then the ventilator opens to allow maximum fresh air to circulate within the room.


What else can it do?

By promoting air circulation even when your windows are closed, the V40P air inlet helps to prevent moisture from building up and stale smells, reducing the risk of fungal spores, and the exacerbation of asthma and allergies. Proper air circulation also helps to protect your home from serious problems such as damp and wood rot, which can result from long-term moisture build-up.


Great! Where can I find the V40P air inlet?

The FAKRO V40P air inlet features as standard in all FAKRO roof windows, alongside a 1.2 w/m2k U Value and P2 anti-burglary glazing. To find out more about why FAKRO roof windows are better, by design, and to browse our wide range of roof windows and loft ladders, visit