FAKRO is a partner of the exhibition "Beksiński. Sculptures”.

FAKRO is a partner of the exhibition \


FAKRO and art create a seemingly unobvious yet lasting partnership. As a part of the "FAKRO - a window open to art" campaign, we are joining another cultural project. This time it is the exhibition "Beksiński. Sculptures”.


At the exhibition, we will see 14 intriguing works - a series entitled "Heads", including the monumental works Macbeth and Hamlet. The exhibition is a new incarnation of the artist work, whom we meet this time as a sculptor. Małgorzata and Marcin Gołębiewscy are the curators of the exhibition.


The name Beksiński is primarily associated with mind-blowing images and a fascinating biography. Wide media presence and the amazing nature of Beksiński's paintings have the potential to shock even the viewer who is not acquainted with art on a daily basis.


As a partner of the exhibition, we cordially invite you to add it to the plan of sightseeing Krakow this year. The FAKRO community, our clients, partners and employees are trully diverse. In addition to football and motorcycle enthusiasts, there are also art lovers. Being a partner of the exhibition of Zdzisław Beksiński's works is a great honor for us - comments Janusz Komurkiewicz, Board Member for Marketing at FAKRO.


The exhibition is held from April 27 to October 1, 2023 in the Royal Gardens at Wawel.